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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Its a small world after all!

Yesterday, me and my housemates along with kak Zura and kak Zai went to buka puasa at the Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya. I wouldn't have tagged along if I didn't realize that I would be eating alone if I stayed behind. The fact that Lani (this cute engineer- not HANDSOME tau, CUTE! Errkk.. ok la, more like COMEY!) was the one who organized the whole thing was a plus hehe.. makanan tak sedap takpe, kenyang tengok dia je hahaha <-- Ayu gatal!

Initially, I was supposed to drive with kak Shima and kak Kathy but at the last minute, kak Shima, kak Zai and kak Zura wanted to shop for kak Zura's wedding preparation while kak Kathy decided to go with her Shidi. I was about back out from the plan since I didn't quite know the other guys (Shidi EE penah la sembang.. ngan Lani {eventhough dah banyak kali jumpa} and Aizad tak penah.. I told you I'm quiet with 'umfamiliar' people.. then Aizad was bringing along his unknown girlfriend whom I imagined was a leggy and breathtaking model <-- don't ask me why hehe..) But kak Shima assured me that they won't enter the hotel as long as I haven't arrived so half-heartedly, I agreed (Remember, tengok Lani was a plus kan hahahah..)

Kak Kathy called me just before I finished my class, telling me that she had cancelled her plan with her Shidi so she was going with me. I felt a bit relieved here so as soon as I finished my class, I rushed back home to fetch kak Kathy. Throughout the way, I was fretting about eating with people I'm not quite close to. Heheh, malu lagi la kononnye! Kak Kathy just laughed and reminded me that she herself, her Shidi, kak Shima, kak Zura and kak Zai would be there too but still, knowing me, I'd have my mouth shut throughout the meal. At least when we ate at Lani's house, I'd be able to hide from everyone else, but this time we'd ALL be sitting at the same table Lani had reserved.

I was already regretting my decision to go eat with them, Lani or no Lani hahah (Okay, I'm overusing his name now!) when we arrived. Kak Shima, kak Zai and kak Zura hadn't arrived yet so we called Shidi kak Kathy to ask about the buka puasa. He told us that he had already arrived and was getting his food so we went inside. Shidi EE had also arrived along with Lani. Aizad, who went to perform his Asar prayers, had also arrived with his still-invisible girlfriend.

Now, as I entered the dining area, I heard someone call out my name. Knowing that 'Ayu' is such a common name, I chose to ignore it until I noticed someone waving at me. I couldn't really place the face before me at first, but upon close inspection I discovered a very pregnant Irin and I nearly shouted in joy! The last time I saw her was in our final year and no offence here, but she wasn't in the list of the people whom we thought would be the first to marry. But congratulations to her! She really glowed! Seri ibu mengandung maybe, but she looked so radient, I felt a stab of envy inside of me (okay la, plus the fact that she already had someone la tu kot hehe..)

Kak Kathy was laughing at me now ("Haa, kata lagi takdak orang yang Ayu kenai!") when someone touched my shoulder from behind. Turning around, expecting a total stranger who wanted to pass through (okay la, kitorang tengah sembang tengah jalan.. biasala, when old friends meet up, mana nak tengok kiri kanan dah), I was pleasantly suprised so see Aida a.k.a Chipunk da Great. Two old friends at one time, how are the odds to that? Before long, we were all buzzing like bees, talking all at once hehe..

My first thought was that Aida had come with Irin. They were best friends during our undergraduate years so I guess it was a normal assumption.. UNTIL, I noticed Aida put her bag beside my seat! Then Shidi kak Kathy asked me if I knew Aida and of course la I admitted. Aida was my dormate (her bed is practically in front of mine) in KMK and we continued to be quite close in USM. By then Shidi kak Kathy (not Shidi EE) had this twinkle in his eye that made me realize I was missing something here. Aida keje kat Celestica, Kulim.. Shidi kak Kathy at Dell, Penang.. Hmmm, how ARE they connected?

Then it downed to me --> "Haaaa.. Aida, awak ke girlfriend Aizad?"

Aida laughed out loud at my precise guess of her status at our table, and I was trying to keep my mouth shut from the suprise! Yeayyy, so I now have someone I PERSONALLY know!

Throughout the dinner, we must've not eaten much. There was so much to tell, so much to 'korek'! I must've suprised some of the group since I was usually quiet when I'm around them. We were gossiping, laughing and eating all at once to the point of not noticing the others around us. She kept stopping me from calling her Chipunk in front of Aizad (Gatai hang, dulu masa belajaq, dlm satu USM ni hang sorang ja panggil aku Aida.. apasal sekarang tetiba nak panggil Chipunk nih?) and I kept saying,"Chiiiii.." just to get on her nerves!

After the 'first round' (yup, rupenye ade second round lagi pas tuh), we went up to pray. Irin tagged along after asking permission form her husband as they were seated a bit far from us. Once again, we were bumblebees. Buzy bumblebeez hehe..

I went back home that night with a smile on my face. Haha, I kept talking about her to kak Kathy on our way home. Remebering all those times we had once.. especially part, "Ayu, malam ni aku nak tidoq ngan hang bleh?" Not many people knew that the brutal Chipunk, who was the dorms unofficial postgirl, was quite a coward at night hehehehe..

Yeah.. I love a great reunions, especially a suprise one like this! I wish the best for both Irin and Aida, and hope we'd still be friends for a very, very long time!

And yeah, its a small world after all!

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