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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I've been tagged

I was browsing through other people's blog while Hasrul was doctoring my poor, poor PC. Browse punya browse, I came across Farah's blog and found out that she'd been tagged by her friend. I had a good time reading her answers when I noticed, she had tagged me *huh*

So here goes

7 Things I plan to do before I die
1. Be a sincerely good Muslim, with a sparkingly clean slate (I wish la..) when I go to meet Him
2. Realize my dream of opening a.. opppss! Err, should I really write it down here? Only 3 people in the entire world know of this dream and I'm still kinda afraid of 'announcing' it here.. sorry!
3. This dream I can say out loud though. I wanna open a library cum book shop, complete with an IT corner, snack bar and review corner where you could find or make you own review of any book. I'll have throw cushions and comfortable chairs for a reading corner on every floor (yes, its a multi-storey one). In the kiddies corner, I'd have balloons and a story-teller every week to entertain small children while opening their eyes to the joy of reading. For teenagers, I'd make my own newsletter that would be handled by the teenagers where they could learn firsthand about journalism and writing. For adults.. err, well, I haven't really thought much about them haha.. but I will! Err, why do I have a feeling of seeing the book shop from You've got M@il?
4. Have my own childrens book series which I have written myself
5. Have a relaxing kayak expedition with my friends.. at least, kayaking around Malaysia for a start!
6. Bungee jumping.. anywhere would do!
7. ..and yes! Btw, I should get married too, right?

7 Things I could do
1. Annoy my friends with my very off-key singing, especially when driving, while pretending to NOT notice their horrified looks (or confused faces which indicates, "Ni Ayu menyanyi ke bunyi kucing bergaduh ni?")
2. Cry.. and I mean REALLY cry. The slightest thing could reduce me to tears but I'm getting better, I mean REALLY better at controlling it now!
3. Spend a whole day in my room, curled up with a couple of good books and read, read, read..
4. Get so absorbed in a book that I don't notice anything around me and get totally clueless when someone suprises me --> So I'm a bookworm.. got a problem with that?
5. Spend a whole day in the cinema watching movies, in plural here, back to back (any genre is fine with me)
6. Daydreaming while blocking the whole wide world on the outside
7. Have a giggle fit so severe, my tummy would still hurt hours later

7 Things I just can't do
1. Live without books
2. Talk in front of (more like addressing) a large crowd --> The last time I did it was in form 5 when I had to brief the whole school about the English Week. I was trembling from head to foot, and I ran to my class as soon as I finished. Sir Chong commented on my pale face hahah..
3. Live without McDonalds --> so I'm a fast food junkie.. any remedy to overcome this bad habit?
4. Live without chocolates! --> Hmm.. yummy!
5. Stop worrying about how people think of me and stop being so self conscious of myself!
6. Relax with people whom I've just met --> I'm usually jumpy and pretend to be quite reserved with them.. Aisehh, I kan pemaluuuuu hahah..
7. Spend a whole day WITHOUT the radio on!

7 celebrity crushes
1. MacGyver --> when I was 8, I wanted to be MacGyveress hahah.. don't ask me his real name tho, I don't really remember
2. Superman --> Ni pun tatau nama, but not Christopher Reeves OR yg Smallville nyer.. the other one!
3. Yusry KRU --> Haha, if I don't write this down, Sentot would just taunt me with this! Tapi kan Baizurah, what did we SEE in him? I mean, when I saw him in the papers the other day, I was laughing myself silly thinking of how we were always competing on who knew more about him. Hehe.. my guess now is, we had more fun 'fighting' over something sebenarnya, NOT really a crush! Tul tak?
4. Raja Nazrin --> I met him when I was in form 4, was mystified by his looks up close and became speechless when he asked me questions about school and stuff..*sigh* I was in cloud nine in no time and it took me a long while to get back to earth.. and yes! I don't care if he's 50 or 100 :-p~
5. Prince William --> Aahhh, royalty! And having a cute face doesn't hurt too ;-)
6. Kurama --> believe it or not, this is a character from a Japanese comic book I liked in seceondary school, tho' I can't really remember what comic book.. Err, can he be considered as a celebrity?
7. *blank* and *blur*

Ok.. ok.. I don't really know THAT much celebrities since I live in a cave here haha.. I'd rather have crushes on real live people I meet in my REAL life, NOT in my dreams!

7 most over-used words
1. Huh? --> Okay, so I'm a bit blur.. err, always!
2. Lorrhh..
3. Ambooooooooooiiii.. --> didn't realize I was overusing this word until a few weeks ago, after hearing some cheeky comments by my students, I turned to them with my hands on my hips and promptly the whole class chorused, "Amboooooooooooooooooooooiiiiii..", leaving me gapping at them since I was intending to say that to them haha.. other versions include, "Amboi.. amboii. amboiiiiiii..!"
4. Mengong!
5. What the..?
6. Shoot!
7. Bongok tul.. -->Newly acquired word used while driving tho' I dunno the meaning ;-)

7 traits I look for in the opposite sex
1. Must be able to be an Imam for solah --> Yup, somehow I've noticed the differances between those who can and those who can't!
2. Older than me --> I'm really obsessed with age, even months can make a big differance to me. Note to some 'certain people': Don't EVER set me up with someone younger, klau tak nak kene BLACKLIST!
3. Taller than me --> Haha, that's not hard to find, eh?
4. Smiles a lot.. and makes me smile too!
5. Romantic (Ooooooh...) and could bring out the romantic trait in me haha.. --> the most I've done is to make some curry puffs from scratch all alone (didn't let Mama or Izati help me) just because I knew he loves them! Btw, you can stop laughing now, Sentot!
6. Someone who'd help make me a better person. Bold enough to point out my weaknesses and helps me change them. Tapi one at a time la, not all at once or I'll think he hates me or he's the 'macam bagus' type.
7. Most important: Must really, really want me for who I am.. and manages to convince me about it ;-)

7 tags (Aaaahhh.. *rubbing hands together* some victims here..!)
1. Sentot/Amin --> Okay, I'm cheating here.. They HAVE been tagged by the same person, though technically, Amin was not tagged haha.. so Amin, sile²..
2. Soraya --> ngelat lagi here haha.. Soraya, you're double tagged!
3. Un --> How come I can't access your blog?
4. Jida --> This is an idea for a new entry in your very dusty blog! A-tish-shoo!
5. Pojie --> Cepat² buat!
6. Ayeen --> You too, Ayeen!
7. Illis --> This one for your new blog, gal!

Okay.. now I'll just wait and see how the others fair in this tag game ;-)

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