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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sejadah ooo sejadah..

Last night, I finally got the chance to perform my tarawikh prayers at the Taman Pekaka musolla. I was nearly jumping in excitement (cam budak²) at the prospect of performing tarawikh there hehe..

Anyway, though we didn't eat much during fast breaking, we were still a bit late in arriving at the musolla, just in time for Isya' prayers. We quickly spread out our sejadah and prayed along with the jama'ah.

After the prayer, while getting ready to solat sunat, I felt the person beside me touch my arm. Turning to her, I realized it was my old housemate in Tronoh, As (whose also my dorm mate in KMK). I laughed at myself for not realizing that I was praying beside her all the while and she replied by telling me, she didn't realize it was me until she noticed my sejadah (This is WHILE praying tsk.. tskk.. As niii.. hehehe), "Saya perasan sejadah ni tadi, terus tau awak tengah semayang sebelah saya. Kenal lagi sejadah ni tau!" It suddenly downed to me that my sejadah has somehow become an item that people can relate to when referring to me.

Hahah.. ape ke mende la citer pasal sejadah? Yup, I can feel the question coming outta your head but I just can't help in hehe..

This sejadah was given to me by Abah when he got it from Uncle Ibrahim who had just come back from Makkah. I was in KMK at that time and since I didn't have my own sejadah at home (I was staying in the hostel back then), Abah gave it to me. I liked it because it wasn't your usual sejadah gambaq masjid. It was more like a geometrical carpet pattern and I loved it since my mind won't be wondering on the mosque everytime praying. It wasn't really THAT vibrant or eye catching, it was just a simple sejadah!

In KMK, I always took it when praying at our musolla until my friends recognized my sejadah at sight. I was never in fear of leaving (ye la, I'm quite forgetful!) it since my friends would always come to the rescue when they notice I left it. In my first year, it was this sejadah that I took when having Qiamulail for our orientation week. While praying, this gross frog came hopping in the mosque and SAT ON MY SEJADAH. I tried my best to shoo the eecky frog away MASA TENGAH SEMAYANG TUUUUU!! Yucccckkkkyyyyy!! Hahah.. I'll never forget that incident :)

During the semester break, I nearly lost it when someone took it from my room, thinking I had purposely left it in the empty room. I frantically searched for it but with no avail until I put up a notice, practically begging for its return. It turned up in my room an hour later while I was out.. thank God!

In my second year, my sejadah was the one my housemates used when praying (I guess thats why As remembered it so much). The room we used for praying (which was also our sorta-like-a walk-in closet hahahah.. c'mon la, rumah 2 bilik untuk 6 orang.. one room was for sleeping while the other one was for our clothes and praying) was too small anyway to pray all together at once so it was practical to have just one sejadah at a time.

Even in my final year, my sejadah continued to 'serve' me right up till now, and I've had countless people coming up to me telling me that they just knew I was nearby when they saw my sejadah around. My current housemates are just like my friends to so till now, I never fear leaving my sejadah around coz someone's bound to pick it up if my clumsy mind forgets it.

Hahah.. why la the sudden talk about sejadah eh? Maybe its remembering how my friends can always relate me to this sejadah.. maybe its because what As said.. maybe coz it reminds me so much of my undergraduate years with my friends.. and maybe coz right now, I really miss them a lot.. :'(


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