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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Whaaatt?? My blood not good enough, aaa?

I'm upset!

This morning, I discarded my usual better-late-than-never attitude and woke up at the first ring of the alarm. After performing my Subuh prayers, I dashed to the showers while humming a tune to myself.. in a very good mood, I must say. I had planned to go and service my car, then head to the hospital for blood donation and go to the tyre service centre to readjust the alignment and balancing of the four wheels of my dear Atos but BEFORE that, a quick breakfast at Taman Tun Sardon, IF I arrive in Penang before 8.45 la.. yummy!!

Anyway, I started from home at around 7.45am and went to Shell for some petrol (Would you believe that a full tank now costs RM 47?? Mahal giler.. pokai aaa canni..) Met Faezah there who was also giving her scooter the treat of expensive petrol haha.. Pakai baju nak sama plak tu.. Paijah, kite buat kump nasyid lah pasnih eh.. :)

Then I went straight to Penang. Since I arrived around 8.30, I went to Taman Tun Sardon for my dose of yummy sandwiches and teh suam before heading to Mr Lye's service centre. I arrived quite early, in fact, I was the first customer maaaa.. but my servicing took quite a long time since a lot of things had to be serviced. Pikir² balik, kalau duit service keta selama ni buat simpan, mesti byk dah kannn

At precisely 10.00am, my car was ready. After paying for the bill, I went straight to the hospital. Now, if you've been to Penang's GH, you'd know how HARD it is to get a parking space. I had to go round in circles before I decided to park outside, RIGHT ON the yellow line. I was hoping that since I went there for a good reason, God will help take care of my car so it won't get any summons or tickets.. Penat dah asyik kena saman ni sampai rasa as if, saman dan Ayu sangat sinonim hehe..

At the Blood Bank, as usual, I filled up the required form as needed. The hardest part, as usual, is the part where I have to weigh myself haha.. 15 kali pegi sana, 15 kali la pujuk Dr tu tanak timbang, assuring them, "Berat saya lebih dari 45kg, tak yah timbang pun takpe" hehe.. Silap! Kalau campur time yang tak boleh kasik darah (hemoglobin rendah la.. tekanan darah rendah la..), banyak kali tu memalukan diri sendiri timbang berat badan depan orang.. Most unforgettable masa ade Doctor yang very handsome, macam best je masa dia check darah semua tu (Ayu sangat gatal haha.. ) tapi bila nak timbang, ade ke dia cakap,"Takut timbang tu tak cukup skala ke".. Cesss, sangat hampeh.. Harap handsome je..

Anyway, the normal procedure was to check the blood pressure after the blood test for hemoglobin count and blood type, so I went into the Dr's room for the usual checkup. Being used to the questions, I just nodded or shaked my head at the appropriate questions (borrrrrrrriing!!). Then when it came to one question, which I've always passed before this, the Dr just looked at me unbelievingly!

Ok.. the first time the Health Ministry administered this regulation was in year 2003 where whomever had ever reside in the UK or other countries in Europe for more than 6 months between 1980 to 1986 (kebetulan I stayed there in 82 to 86) weren't allowed to donate blood. Apparantly, during that period, the cows over there weren't vaccinated with the mad cow diesease vaccine yet. Since nearly everyday, we'd consume fresh milk, the ministry was worried that we may be the carrier of the diesease. Pembawa tau.. bukan pesakit heheh.. The odds were low, kalau tak silap, 95% bukan pembawa la, tp kerajaan still takut gak la dengan yang 5% lagi ni sebab according to the doctor, tests for this diesease ni kurang ade kat Malaysia since Malaysia takde masalah Mad Cow Diesease pun

I remember when I first got to know about it. The doctor was a young Indian lady at that time, but when she saw my donation records, she inquired about my case to her colleague and I was allowed to donate since my previous donations didn't have any problem. If I'm not mistaken, after the regulation, I have donated 3 more times so I was REALLY sure that it wouldn't be a problem for me anyway.

But this morning, the Dr wasn't someone I was familiar with. She must be an Iranian or something. She asked me who gave permission for me to doante for the ones after the regulation and stressed that I couldn't donate, no matter what! Waaa.. sedih nya.. and knowing me, before long, I had tears brimming in my eyes w/pun Dr tu sangat baik. dia bukan marah pun.. tapi sedih jugak.. :'(

Seeing me so upset, (blum la nangis lagi.. malu weh.. control..), the Dr, Dr Azza was her name, consoled me by saying that 'niat je pun dapat pahala dah'.. Then she said, she'd check with her colleagues to see if I can be excused and bla.. bla.. bla.. But from her face, I knew that she didn't believe I could, she still looked shocked about me donating even after the regulation was administered. Still, she promised to call me but the bottom line was, I couldn't do it.. EVER!!

I admit, I really was upset! Can't really describe why.. its just that, all this while, I always find donating blood very soothing. I mean, I don't have lots of money to donate, nor am I able to be missionaries to other countries. I'm not the goody² type, more prone to doing mistakes than doing good but in this small contribution, I feel almost humane! If I feel like I've done wrong, after doing this, I at least feel as if I've given a bit of myself to the society. It is one thing I love doing and wouldn't mind doing.

I remember the first time. Abah wanted to send Izati and Iskandar to the dentist. I was bored at home, dah abis matriks kaaaan masa tu, tunggu surat USM je. Dah berapa ari dah terfikir nak try.. try je! I mean, NST tiap² ari kuar berita pasal orang derma darah.. teringin la plak, especially since I was afraid of needles. Konon, bleh buat therapy la bg ilang takut kat jarum. So when I kenw about Izati and Iskandar's dental appoinment, ape lagi, nak ikut la..

Berbalah gak la ngan Abah. He wasn't keen on letting me do it but, as a softie as I am with him, when I really make up my mind, I can be really obstinate! Stubborn as a mule! so lastly, dia bagi pergi but all the way dari Sg Ara to the Hospital, kena la layan dia berleter.. yup! Abah sangat terror berleter hehe..

Abah: Nanti darah tu, ntah sape² yang dapat
Me : Alaa Abah ni, Tuhan kan suh tolong sumer orang..
Abah: Jarum dia guna, you'll never know what germs ade kat situ
Me : Diorg kan hospital, mesti la disinfect dulu..
Abah: Kalau pitam cammana?
Me : Abah ni, I kan banyak darah.. baik bagi org, bleh gak orang guna..
lagipun I sihat je ape?
Abah: You takde keje lain ke nak buat? Byk lagi benda bleh buat nak tolong orang
Me : I mana keje lagi.. <-- jawapan loyar buruk
Abah: What has gotten into you?
Me : Alaa.. dlm NST tu, ramai je org dah buat.. ni bukannya abnormal punya benda
Abah: Cuba fikir ape kebaikan dia?
Me : Nnt kalau you nak darah I boleh bagi.. you kan darah AB, mine is A
Abah: Huh?
Me : Laa.. I boleh derma kat you la maknanya..
You ni, kata lecturer bio.. (tp dlm hati je la ayat ni hehe..)
Abah: Ye lah.. ok, ape cons dia?
Me : Err Abah, bukan I ke patut tanya benda tu kat you..?
Abah: Huh? Err.. You ni DEGIL betul la
Me : (Dalam hati) Keturunan, nak buat canner.. hahah..

Anyway, since the first time was ok, I resolved to do it every 3 months or so and so far, I've kept my promise (except masa final year and last year.. too busy!) I even know the pak cik who keeps the record though I regret to always forget his name since it seems like I won't be going there anymore. That pak cik has always been kind, always asks about Adi and Iwan since I had once brought Iwan and Adi along for their first blood donation! If the blood bank comes to USM (which is like, always!), he always comes to talk to me whenever its my turn, just like long buddies. Even when I gained weight last year pun pak cik tu bleh tegur haha.. sangat maluuuuu!

Anyway, back to the current days.. Dr Azza then talked a bit to me, she asked me not to be too upset (that just caused me to want to cry lagi.. selalu sensitif kalau canni.. sbb tu kalau demam ke ape ke, I'd rather keep quiet sbb kalau ade je orang tunjuk concern, mula la banjir haha.. cam the time demam masa Ramdhan, org dah duk elok² diam² kat bilik Pah, then Abg Sher, my most irritating cousin, masuk bilik and tanya baik je,"Ayu demam ke? Cian adik abang".. Waaa, trus banjir.. bengong nyer abg Sher, saje nak bg org nangis.. Abg Sher pun muka blur kuar bilik,"Sher tak buat ape pun kat dia..")

But Dr Azza was nice, thats why I tried my best to force the tears to stop. Sedih gak, tapi cam mengada pun ade, sebijik cam budak kecik nangis tak dapat candy hehe..

I mean, why me? <-- Sentot mesti gelak baca ni hahah
Kenapa bukan other people yang couldn't be bothered? Yang lawak tu, mad cow diesease tuh hahah.. Patut la kengkadang leh jadi giler semacam hehe.. Opppssss, I'm NOT infected tau!!

Anyway.. I'm still upset.. :'(


Bai_Lunar said...

Hahahaha!Ayu=Mad Cow!!!Muekekekekeke....sukanya aku!!!
Hehehe..Ayu, beraninya awak derma darah...saya nih slagi boleh nak lari dari kena cucuk.The last time pi dentist kena injection kat gusi...SAKIT!!!Dah berair mata,macam nak tendang ja doktor tu...jahat tul cucuk gusi orang!UwWwaaaaaaa!hehehe...pasai nangis bila orang concern tu...SAMA aaa!!!Saya pun suka nangis time demam...especially kalau orang tolong bawak ubat and bawakkan makanan....isk isk sebak gila!hehehe...Malu ja kat my ex-roommates!Semua had seen me crying due to UNKNOWN reason(diorang ble agak ke tak aaa????)hehehe...

Bai_Lunar said...

Huh???Why me lagi....tringin sangat la nak jadik cam Harry Potter tu ;-p

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hehe.. tatau la Sentot.. My friend yg sama matiks with me, yg skrg pun smbg Masters gak, sampai skrg suka sebut,"Aku ingat lagi masa kat KMK time Ayu nangis tetiba, takde pasal, masa tgh nak bukak pose tu"
Hehe.. I guess, only us, who have this strange trait je yg understand each other hehe..

zairul said...

Ahaha.. cam Yop dulu konon nk derma darah konon.. dah amik turn, test, timbang2 sumer, pastu sampai last person yg masuk (kiranya pastu turn dia laa..) terus PITAM!! hampeh sungguh.. tak padan ngan macho.. sama cam Cikni gak.. allergic darah

Mental Note : jgn derma darah kalau lemah semangat..

Nasreen said...

kak yong..didnt know you have a blog also..nanti ayeen link kan kat my blog yer? hehehe..