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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Sentot (6/23/2005 5:03:21 PM): ingat week....kumpul idea banyak2...buat la satu entry utk saya
ayuikhwani (6/23/2005 5:03:32 PM): buat pe
ayuikhwani (6/23/2005 5:03:35 PM): bukan besh pun
ayuikhwani (6/23/2005 5:03:36 PM): hehehehe
Sentot (6/23/2005 5:03:43 PM): kat maksu ada edisi khas takkan kat saya takdak kot
Sentot (6/23/2005 5:03:43 PM): isk is kisk
Sentot (6/23/2005 5:03:43 PM): hehe

That's a copied and pasted version of the coversation I had with Baizurah last week, so Sentot, this entry is entirely dedicated to you :)

I first got to know her a few days after registering in AlMashoor. Since all of us were from different schools, the only people I knew were Nadiah and Suri so most of the time, the three of us sat together. Being the shy person I was, it never crossed my mind to initiate a conversation with my friends except to my dormmates, where this is inevitable since I get to see them throughout the day. I was too busy being afraid of everyone during the first few days. Luckily I had kak Shazrah and kak Iqin, whom I've known since primary, to help me in the hostel.

After settling down in our classes, with new faces to look at and new names to memorize, we started the slow process of mingling around. When I say slow, this is because most of us stayed in our own group we've known since primary BUT still, we tried! Then one day, Nadiah called me to introduce me to this girl she just knew.. her exact words were,"Ayu, mai la sini.. cute tak budak ni? Nama dia Siti Nur Baizurah" Thus, starting one of my most treasured friendships ever..

And YES Baizurah, it WAS Nadiah who introduced me to you, maybe you remember why hehe.. And YES, we were on friendlier terms after form 4. I mean, she was one of my bestfriends during primary, though this stupid something which I still don't understand made us grow apart from each other (I mean, seriously, when you think about it.. still puzzles me though) But then again, after that incident, I was no angel too and that part I admit *ashamed*. Thankfully, being thrown together in a tuition class, we slowly overcame our differences and both of us made the effort to behave haha.. anyway, this blog isn't for her! And by the way, she just got married a month ago.

Back to Sentot. My first 'view' of her was a face peeking behind Nadiah. Being a shy person myself, I just smiled and her and introduced myself. And Baizurah, you're right, in this case, we were the mirror image of each other.. tak sangka hahah.. First time I found someone as shy as I was.

After that, we started hanging out with each other in class though in form 1, I was still mostly quiet and Baizurah was mostly with the outsiders- a nickname we use for students who don't stay in the hostel. I guess our friendship really took off in form 2 and I'm glad it did.

I have lots of memories with her. I loved to play pranks on her since she was the only one simple-minded enough to fall for it. Hahah, jangan marah, Baizurah, the point here is, we were both 'lurus bendul' so she was the ONLY one I could play jokes on (I guess that work vice versa too). The most memorable one being the 'Surat of Adam' which some of you may have read in my earlier entries in this blog. God, I still laugh myself silly over THAT!

But still, her desk was one of my favourite places, along with Ami's desk. I was always trying to copy her neat hand writing but never really succeeded though Sarina once thought Baizurah had written "Bangun la, Penguin!" in her book when it was really me. Whenever the teacher was out, we'd drag our chairs towards her desk (she, like me, sat at the back of the class at that time) and start talking like 'speaker masjid', much to the annoyance of our studious classmates.. though most of them joined us too.. Mak Su.. Illis.. Dayang.. Shipah.. Shareena..

I remember one of her favourite imitations. She used to love imitating Ustazah whatever her name was.. aiyak!! Dah lupe la.. This ustazah always wears her tudung in this hilarious way that it was one of the most prominent jokes. The truth is, whenever bored, not only our class tau, students always do this imitating game. Sangat hampeh kan all of us dulu! But somehow, no one could imitate her better than Baizurah. Then she'd pull this funny face that whenever I'm mad at her, she'd just come with this face and I'd laugh till my tears roll out.

Then we had this story book. I'd start with a paragraph or two, maybe a whole chapter, then Ami or Baizurah would continue. Once in a while, our other friends would chip in their contribution, usually Mak Su, I think. It was mostly about silly crushes on KRU la at that time but still, lots of my friends loved to read them, siap bagi idea lagi. I wonder where that book is now, I'm sure the whole lot of us would laugh ourselves silly over the book.

Speaking about KRU, the both of us were so crazeeeeeeeee about Yusry though sometimes I just don't understand what we saw in him. Ami was in the neutral ground since she was the only one who loved Norman, as well as Suri who went ga-ga over Edry. We'd compete to see who knows more about Yusry.

"Baizurah, saya tau birthday Yusry and what college he attended"

"Eleh, saya ada buku pasal biography dia lagiiii"

"Waaa.. nak pinjam, Baizurah!!!"

"Nyeh.. nyeh.. tak bleh.."

Though she'd still lend it to me heheh.. My most victorious moment was when Suhaila sent me photo's of KRU which she took. How I gloated over those pictures, kan Baizurah? But please tell me, What were we thinking?

She was one of the sweetest friends I ever had. *Rolling eyes* I know you're gonna throw this remark back at me, Baizurah. I can just imagine you saying "Mengaku pun saya sweet" Hehe..

Once in form 2 (Abah always organized these motivational programmes for my school for the students who were going to sit for big exams and somehow, Baizurah's father was always invited to give his really superb motivational talks), Abah forced me to participate in this programme and I was petrified, being the youngest participant. I was so worried and guess what Baizurah did? She accompanied me throughout the programme! So, there we were, two form two students amidst the form three, form five and form six students.

I always had fun around her. I guess we suited each other since we always understood each other haha, since we were so much like. (Suprisingly, being older and wiser, and also being apart from each other for so long, I still get amazed to find out how similar we are) Sadly, the last time we really hung out was in form three.

In form 4, Baizurah went to SGGS while I stayed in AlMashoor.. and believe me Baizurah, I was depressed in those first few months, wishing I could take myself back to form 3. I mean, I was the only one with ONLY 4 A's in that class while the others had at least 6 and to tell you the truth, more than once someone would remark that I was in the science class because of my father. Mengong!! Though I had only 4A's, I fulfilled the minimum requirement la (at least two A's in either Science, Maths or English) Besides, we were the experimental batch! Thank God I came out first in the first test, or I guess I'd still feel stupid to be in that class.

Alamak! Ubah topic plak

Well, in form 4, we talked occasionally through the phone (Hehe, I remember what Adam told you guys during this period.. mulut sgt hampeh but he's changed so much now.. makes me miss the cheeky Adam sometimes) but then the duration between phone calls grew more apart and I guess one day, we just stopped calling at all though we'd hear about each other from mutual friends.

Then two years ago, I heard about her brother. I frantically searched for her phone number to talk to her, nasib baik ade Ami! Suprisingly, it was as if we were never apart! Amidst her sadness, we were soon rolling around in laughter, but that made me realize how much I missed her companionship. We kept in touch for a few months but then was back to being quiet, though this time, we had each others number handy!

But then, a few months ago, we were again united. Through Friendster and YM now. I talk to her nearly everyday, still gaduh² like we did dulu, and still laughed ourselves silly. I mean, at least now my colleagues are not that suprised to see me laugh out loud suddenly coz at first, I must have scared them! Seriously Baizurah, I laugh (and I mean laugh out REALLY loud) everytime I talk to you. You're gonna make me have laughter lines prematurely!

Like I said, it was as if we were never apart. We seem to always pick up, right where we left and God! I'll have an ulcer for laughing too much. Not to mention the self pity sessions we have occasionally hehe..

Ape pun Baizurah, I'm glad Nadiah introduced us.. and though I know I'm going to have to endure a very gloating Baizurah for the next few weeks, I'm still glad to say, "You're one of the BEST, Sentot! And only Allah knows how much I appreciate and enjoy having you around. Hope we'll still be friends when we grow all wrinkly and old"

BTW Baizurah.. I was teaching my tuition students Trigonometry yesterday, and was asking them, how do they remember the formula of Sinus, Cosinus and Tangent. Remember Ustaz Mokhtar taught us using the "kakak beli halia" method --> for Cosinus la but then you guys used the English technique Cikgu Tagi taught! I however, still use the malay one where, but the improvised one made by Ami, I think, where

Sinus = Suri toyol hijau
Tangent = Toyol tendang Baizurah

Sorry gal, but I really smiled at the memory of it.. and I'm still using this method 10 years later heheh.. In fact, I can't remember the original one!

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