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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Extravagant, thrifty or 'scrooge'-like?

On Friday, I went to Pinang Megamall with my colleague Faezah and junior, Ramlah. After an hour and a half of our usual rounds there, we were ready to go back to USM. On the way to the car, we were laughing at Ramlah for buying these two large containers, it was funny seeing her struggling with the huge plastic bags and we were laughing like adolescents.. melawak tak pandang kiri-kanan!!

Anyway, on the way back, commenting on our spending and on the sales person who was supposed serve us..

"Waaa.. kata nak beli buku, tgk la dah beli ape ni?"
"Ingat tanak beli pa per, tp banyak gak shopping nyer.."
"Haaa.. nak yang mana?" <-- imitating the salesperson in charge

.. Ramlah was looking at my purchases and she suddenly commented, "Kak Ayu ni dah 25 tapi masih tak pandai lagi nak urus budget.. tengok cam Faezah ni, dia kat nak beli satu buku, memang dia beli satu buku.."

Now, I wasn't mad at her for saying that coz thats what I usually hear people say whenever I get out of a book shop but suddenly today, I was thinking of what she said.

The truth is, I HATE SHOPPING! Sorry to say, but really, yours truly isn't one of the typical females who simply loves shopping. I'd rather stay home than go buying things I might regret and I only go out whenever I NEED something or if I want to go to the movies (which is about 75% of the times I go out.. well, aside from books, movies are also my topmost choice of entertainment).. ok², I also go out if I hear that POPULAR or MPH is doing a sale or book fair anywhere nearby!

Lets put it this way. I DON'T go shopping for the sake of shopping. Though sometime I go have some girly time with my friends, but we usually go out for a bite or spend our time in the cinema and bookstores (Yup.. I seem to befriend bookworms here.. well, Soraya DID say, "Great minds think alike" hehe..)

I mean, I know friends who go shopping whenever they're in the mood or whenever they want to relax after a tiring event bla.. bla.. bla.. And they'll end up, mostly with clothes, shoes and all those girly 'essentials'. To me, THAT'S wasting money.. but then again, looks who's talking -->

For the past few weeks, I've been having frequent trips to the bookstores and to a book fair held in Penang. Believe it or not, I've bought about 15 books throughout these trips which I've made around 3-4 times. (If Yun reads this, she's going to give me a good scolding --> "Buang duit je ngko ni.. tak bleh tengok buku langsung"). But hey, I READ these book. Some people go on a shopping spree and end up not wearing even HALF of the load they bought. So, with books, I admit defeat! I AM extravagant with them especially with the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince next month.. whoopeee!!

Another thing I spend a lot on is on my skin care. Alaaa, c'mon la you guys, those who know me personally will have an idea on why I spend so much here. See, I'm 25 but with the skin of a teenager, macam kilang minyak! So, after being introduced to Clinique, I haven't looked back, since this is the ONLY skin care that has been able to control 'degree of sebum' on my face. Though I may have to spend a bit, but it's worth all that. Besides, I only buy the supplies nearly once a year, so when it comes back to the budget, I'm just spending a few ringgit per month only.

So there, those are the only things I spend on.. honest!

On the other hand, though I spend much on these items, I don't really spend so much when I go teman my friends shopping. I can refrain myself from buying clothes and shoes even when ALL my friends are choosing them except when I need it. For example, what happened on Friday itself. A few minutes before, I was with Ramlah and Faezah in the Vincci shoestore and though the sandals were pretty, I didn't feel like buying any. But then, a while after that, my sandal just HAD to snap off right in front of Bata. What was I to do, I was wearing a baju kurung and you can't expect me to seret the damn slipper kot? So I lost more than RM 30 there.

Ok².. its not as if I don't spend on clothes. Alaaa, takkan tak spend langsung, nanti takde baju langsung pulak! But let me give you an example of my clothes-buying method. This is a real-life experience that happened last Sunday.

10.30am From USM, drove to Penang alone, heading toward Prangin

11.30am Arrived at Prangin and headed straight to the ladies department

12.15pm Paid for the blouse and pants I chose and went to the groceries department

12.40pm Headed back to USM, Transkerian

1.30pm Arrived at USM

Haha.. THAT's a true account of Ayu's shopping spree! I go alone coz I'm afraid if I make people wait, and since I already knew what I wanted to buy, I just go straight to the shop and buy it, then go home.. I don't even go to the book shop, even if its just on the other side. Besides, I know if I even step in with one foot, I won't get outta the store for quite a while!

So there, am I really extravagant..? Or is it just like Ramlah said, I'm not good at planning my budget? Friends, comments please!!!

What about my coin box.. I save ALL my shillings in my coinbox EVERYDAY! Can that count as being thrifty? Haha.. tanak ngaku boros gak tuh..

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