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Monday, March 19, 2012

Imps from my past hehe..

"Bg kerja..tunggu bdak2 ciap wat kerja..p kedai runcit beli 2 tin nescafe..minum 1 tin smpai abis dalam masa 10 saat sambil duduk bawah meja..pastu wat muka malu (malu la sgt)..abis tusyen,,balik naik ATOS..minum lg 1 tin masa drive balik umh..umh ckgu penang kan ?? Hahahahaha.....power x otak sy, igt lagi tuh.." ~ Zaim

"Skng dh maju la skit xnek bsikl dh..hehe..tingt gak msa dlu kmi je yg thegeh2 lmbai2 kt ckgu..yg ckgu sengeh tolak idong..hahaha...lwk gila..lmbaian yg x drhgai..hahahaha...pas 2 ckgu bwk keta folow bkng kmi nek bsikl..dok2 hon2..mcm la xleh lalu tepi;D" ~ Izzat

"Ckgu nk tau x ?? Baru je 3 ari lepas tringat kt ckgu..tetiba td lam inbox dpt mcg x caye je.." ~ Zaim

Oh God! I had a really fun weekend.. and I didn't even have to go out (except for my classes la kan)

On Friday, I was asked to sub for Khairi's class in Bagan Serai. When I arrived for the class, I realized it was one batch I had taught for two years (Form 1 and Form 2) BUT, only 5 of my ex-students were in that class.

I didn't notice how frustrated I was when I realized that as this was one of my 'nightmare' classes (a nickname I gave them, proven in this entry haha..). Why do I call them that?

Well, prior to that year, my classes were usually small.. and I actually prefer them that way. Tu la baru tuition kan, instead of classes like I have now yang kadang bleh sampai 50 students *pengsan*

Anyway, I was used to small classes too much that whenever my students exceeded 20 students each, I'd panic.. Like seriously ketaq lutut style while feeling like running outta the class every few minutes. My problem was, some of thsse students noticed that and lagi la depe dok naik kepale kaaann.. to which I'd actually cry during class sbb tak tahan.. Yeah, I know, sgt pathetic bile ingat balik..

Still, some of them don't relly mean it, I guess. They thought they were just being cheeky, without realizing the limit their lame teacher ni bleh terime..

In this class, at least the girls were great. Typical girls yang tak pernah tak buat kerja and will shut their mouth while doing their work, thus making the boys always telling me, "Cikgu ni sayang budak perempuan je kan!"

Anyway, I admit, the last day I had with them (In Bagan Serai, I always taught only form 1 and form 2 so I knew I wouldn't be teaching them again), I felt a bit sad. As annoyed I am sometimes (more like in each and every time I teach them) with them, I'd grown attached to most of them. Wpun kadang tu exasperated coz dalam baru lepas kene marah tu, bleh lagi dok sengih².. haiyaaaa~~

Back to the present day, I found myself thinking of this class as I went back home, especially after Muhsin (one of my ex-students) had talked about Zaim so it didn't suprise me much when I searched on Zaim on FB.

Now, as a rule, I NEVER add my students.. approve ye, add tu tidak la coz sometimes teenagers ni kan agak annoying (Ok! Now I sound like an old aunty!) Well, you know la how they are kan.. Hahah, ok, only 'old aunties' like me kot bleh paham the annoying 'relationship statuses' la.. the annoying ejaan pelik² la.. the annoying mulut² itik kunun cute abis laaa.. well, all that stuff. But if my student adds me, I usually approve je coz they made a bit of an effort kan (while hoping against hope they don't 'amuse' be by being annoying like I said before)

As for Zaim (a.k.a The ORIGINAL Budak Kecik), somehow, I'd been thinking of him a lot for the past few weeks actually. He was this TINY boy during form 1, always teased by his friends sampai dia majuk and I always laughed even if I backed him (thus the reason why Izzat said, "Takpa Penyu, mentang² la cikgu Ayu sayang hang!") During form 2, he and Izzat somehow managed to get my phone number and as kids would be kids, asyik la dok misscall kaaannn~~

Anyway, I was really suprised when the first profile that came up was in fact Zaim's (Actually, I'd forgotten his name and had been trying hard to remember saaaampai la si Muhsin sebut) Around half an hour later, when I checkd my FB, I realized that Zaim had accepted my request and had already conteng on my wall..

God! I didn't realize I was smiling so broadly =) =) =)

Turns out, the reason I was thinking so much of him was because he was also thinking of me.. if you believe that psychological BS laaaaa heheh.. Seryesly, I was VERY happy.. and to think that the whole week I was actually a bit sad with some old stories I'd rather forget.

Zaim had already moved back to Terengganu, his actual hometown (NOW I know why they called him Penyu dulu!) with his family earlier in the year. When asked why didn't he wait until after SPM, he told me that his mother was the one who wanted to go back to Terengganu as soon as his father retired. He said he'd begged but the decision was already made.. sian plak kat dia..

I asked about Izzat and not even 5 minutes later, I received a request from Izzat.. waaahhhh~~

I was happy to realize that they were still close friends and they were actually chatting at that very moment. Habis la kan I kene perli with them sbb deme seronok la plak cakap, "Cikgu rindu kitorg!"

And what made me smile was that Izzat's first reaction was to tell me about the fun times.. instead of the time depe asyik kene marah je! Heheh.. I was expecting him to remember the bad times only since he was always so cheeky in class so selalu la kene marah. When he was form 1, dia pernah kene panggil with Sir Sany during MY class sbb Sir Sany kesian tengok me kene bully with them, boley? Mase tu, I remember how he tried to pretend dia tak kecik ati kene marah camtu because of me hehe..

Izzat's now in Teknik Seberang Jaya so I was really lucky that it was a school holiday, klau tak, tak sembang with Izzat ape mlm tu =) I really laughed when he told me he still remembered my Budak Kecik nickname for Zaim.

Izzat slept early that night, around midnight, dah lebur! But me and Zaim continued till 3am.. and wouldn't have stopped klau memasing tak ngantuk ape.. habis sumer citer kluar hehe..

I went to sleep smiling that night. I kept remembering how cheeky they were, and funnily, like Izzat, I couldn't remember WHY I was always mad at them. I only remembered the times they made me smile. I also forgot about the things that have been troubling me lately and it was all thanx to them!

I thought we had finished then and since Saturday was usually my busy day full of classes, I didn't have time to go online until late that night. And to my suprise, I got a message from Izzat, asking me when I was gonna be online. Alaaaaaaaahaaaiii, anak murid ku ini.. terharu ok!

So that night I spent my time with Izzat pulak and kept laughing all the time. He's still as cheeky as he was dulu and kept asking me if I remembered this or that. He talked about his new school and such.. gosh! I sure miss those cheeky imps!

Turned out, the reason Zaim was quiet that night was because he spent the day going back to Terengganu after spending his school holiday in Bagan Serai, THAT means, during the time I was teaching Khairi's class, he was just in the area. Sian pulak dia, rindu kawan² dia sampai sanggup turun Bagan..

On Sunday plak, I had to sub Cikgu Yazid in Jawi so I only went online in the afternoon and was smiling again when I got a message from Izzat inviting me to go visit him in his hostel whenever I'm free. He gave me his latest phone number (stating, "Cikgu nak amik number ni amik la, tak mau pun takpe la.. sy pasrah!" Hahah..) and sheepishly admitted that he had lost my phone number. He was already getting ready to back to his school.. alaaa, sekejapnye la.. =(

That night, Zaim plak online sampai pukul 2.00am lebih kot.. I had fun teasing him again as I did before and he told me proudly that I couldn't call him Budak Kecik anymore coz he's now 176cm tall.. whaaaa~~ Dulu dia kecik giler, ok!

Along the way, someone else plak added me, MIRZA! Wahahaha~~ Baru je Muhsin cakap aritu, "Musuh cikgu tak mai.." when I was taking the attendance for the class on Friday. Coz Mirza was one of the most cheeky ones ke tahap annoying and selalu kene marah then majuk ngan Cikgu Ayu.. and even he has changed! And though I'm VERY sure he remembers the bad times with me (Heheh..), he also chose to 'mengungkit' ONLY the good ones..

Waaa.. ni yang sayang kat korg ni!

And till today, I'm still smiling like crazy kot for my fortune! Thank God for the reason to smile and laugh after a few weeks of feeling blue.. and thank God jugak for giving me these kinda students! Like I told them la after Izzat was teasing me saying that I miss them coz I must've loved them so much dulu: Garang, garang jugak.. Marah pun, marah la jugak.. Tp sayang tu dah mesti! ~ ♥

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