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Friday, March 16, 2012

Jage awak, Arep! Hahah~~

Of course Googled.. I'm not THAT old.. not THAT thin.. errrkkk!! Heheh

Just came back from my form 5 class in Pt Buntar and couldn't wait to share hehe..

My student Nadhirah (also daughter of one of my lecturers in PPKA) usually sits in front during my class. However, due to something yang I pun tak paham, just now she kept changing her seat. Kejap duk depan, kejap duk belakang, kejap duk tengah²..

When I asked her why, she just smiled and shook her head.

However, when she had changed her place too many time for me, I teased her about this old wives tale that says, you shouldn't change places frequently or you'll get married a lot of times. Actually, this only applies to your seating at the dining table je kot rasenye but I still wanted to tease her so I used it against her so I said to her loudly, "Nadhirah, tak baik tukar tmpt bnyk kali, nnt awak kawen bnyk kang baru tau!"

Suddenly Arep, another student looked up at me and said to me, "Cikgu mesti tak pernah buat dulu kan mase kecik².." with a VERY kunun-innocent smile.

I smiled back at him and told him, of course I never did such thing.. thinking he was praising my good behaviour..

..UNTIL I realized he was laughing while running away from me!

Cisss.. bengong! Hahahah.. but couldn't help laughing at how spontaneous he was when he teased me back =)

Takpe korang.. siap!!

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