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Saturday, March 03, 2012

LOTR on TV2.. I likey!

Coming home from an exhausting class last night (I swear, these Form 5 kids act more like 9-year-olds whenever they're in the midst of exams, making me lose my patience more than once last night), I switched on to 8TV to watch some Idol action. Not wanting to go to bed yet after it had ended, I decided to flip to TV2 to see what movie they were showing (those without Astro know that Friday nights are movie nights on TV2 and TV3 kan heheh..)

..and almost yelled in delight when I saw a familiar scene: The council for the Fellowship of The Ring! Yeayyyyy

Its been years since the LOTR craze kan but its still among my favourite movies.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't even interested in it at first. I read classics, but not one as epic as this so even when the movie was out, I didn't know who John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was nor did I ever hear of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.. err, haha, ok! I admit, I wikied his full name just to sound smart hahahah.. yeah²! Its not working, I know =p

To me, the title sounded a bit.. boring! *Errr, mati la kene sula kot ngan LOTR fans ni klau depe tau*

Anyway, when the first movie came out around the time I was in my final year, I didn't go watch it. I had no interest to watch it and didn't even Google (time tu Google takde kot lagi.. tak pun, blum glamer cam skrg kot heheh..) about it. To me, it was just another over-exposed, over-promoted and over²-yang-sewaktu-dengannye kinda movie..

..and was I proven wrong!

When the second movie, The Two Towers, was about to come out, kak Yani, my roomate was excitedly talking about it. Now, I loved movies even then, but I couldn't really make myself as enthusiastic as her when it came to this.

It so happened, a student club in USM (I don't remember which club) did this fundraising and for the price of RM2 (I think la, can't remember the exact amount), we were given a ticket to a screening of the first movie, The Fellowship of the Ring. It wasn't anything fancy pun, they just projected the movie to the screen in one of our lecture theatres but it was good enough to most students since it was a full house that night.

I hadn't planned to watch but kak Yani wanted to watch it again before the Two Towers came out.. to refresh her memory katenye. Since we had nothing better to do, all of us went to the screening since it was just a 10-minute walk from our hostel.

And the rest is history!

Well, ok la, tak la camtu sgt. The first few minutes still didn't seemed to pick up my interest but as the movie developed, I found myself lost in it. When finally it was over, I realized only one thing..

..I missed out on a great movie!

I immediately asked kak Yani when she wanted to watch The Two Towers (it was due to be out that week jugak rasenye).. and yeah, THEN the rest is history! Heheh..

It was great to watch the movie again after almost 10 years.. and I still find myself immersed in the movie just as much as I did, maybe even more, than the first time I watched it in that darkened lecture hall all those years ago.

Who could forget the main character.. The Ring! Hahah..

And Frodo (Lie still calls me Frodo till now.. cisss!), Sam, Merry and Pippin, those Hobbits from Shire. I love all scenes that have Merry and Pippin in it coz they are so entertaining. From stealing Gandalfs cart of fireworks to volunteering to accompany Frodo during the meeting that they weren't invited in hahah..

I also like the scenes with Legolas and Gimli where at first, they didn't like each other and Gimli was always trying to show how much better dwarves were compared to elves. I like how their friendship progressed through all three movies and they DO have the best dialogues whenever it is scene involving both of them hehe..

Ahhhh.. Legolas! This was my desktop for quite a time after that. In fact, I'm quite sure if I switch on Abah's old Mac I used back then, my desktop is still some form of Legolas smiling back at me *sigh*

So dia jambu.. so what? Hahah.. most like Aragorn, macho katenye (ni kak Shima and kak Yani nye ayat!) but to me, he looks like he needs a bath =p

Ohh.. and Gandalf.. I love Gandalf! Was a bit frustrated when I saw him perish in the first move but The Two Towers brought him back to life.. yeay!

Anyway, the Two Towers is gonna be shown tomorrow so I can't wait. The Two Towers is my favourite amongst all three so I'm definitely not gonna miss it. Also not planning on missing The Return of The King jugakkk.. mane blehhh.. hehe..

So there, my weekend will be full of tuning into TV2 just to watch one (or more like THREE) of the greatest movies ever made!

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