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Saturday, March 10, 2012

LOTR lagi~

Heheh.. so last night, the 2nd installment of the LOTR was shown on TV2 (I thought it would be shown throughout the weekend kan last week.. salahhhh!)

Of course I'm excited to talk about it BUT I also know the craze was so long ago so mcm malu la kan nak ckp bnyk² lagi pasal LOTR ni kan hehe..

Still, wanted to update something..

Remember I said during the craze, I went and bought the books? Well, agak bongok jugak terase bile mau ngaku yg I NEVER FINISHED THE BOOKS! Hahah..

I'm guessing that these are among my few (read: VERY few!) book that I never finish.

Of course, I did start dengan semangatnye! After buying those books, I quickly wrapped them in plastic covers before choosing the Fellowship of The Ring as my night cap.. and mmg jadik bacaan tido coz I like tidoq sungguh lepaih baca, abaq ang!

The next night, I tried again with the same results hehe.. in the end, I gave up and just put the book back on the rack. Ok, there's nothing wrong with the book (klau tak, how could Soraya and Uncle Ahyauddin read it together as their father-daughter activity?) but the languange was too errr, complicated for me.. hmm, yeah! Complicated!

Where the book has been residing since..

I felt my eyes roll back into their sockets whenever I tried hard to read it, no matter how many time I tried. Thats why I decided, this is the one and only time I'd ever admit that a movie is better than its book!

Still, wanting to give myself a chance to prove I can handle 'difficult' English, I decided to skip Fellowship of The Ring and read The Two Towers (since THAT movie was due during the time I bought the book).. BUT, with the same results..

..and once again, I put the book back on the shelf!

Things didn't improve a year later when The Return Of The King was due. I tried agan, unsuccessfully, to read the book but still found it to be a great-for-trying-to-sleep kinda book (though I admit, I managed to understand the part when Gollum was the one who went down with the Ring at mount Doom)

So there, I actually DO have books that I never finish! I still keep those books though, just to pretend I'm intellectual.. pffffttttt..

But hey, a few days ago due to the frust-sbb-depe-bleh-plak-takmo-pasang-LOTR-tiap-hari, I decided to go through the books again.. and this time there a wee bit of improvement coz I suddenly realize The Return of The King is not that hard to read hehe.. the other two books tu still no comment la from me.

And just to share (sgt mengade kan!), I realized that 25th March (Ehemm~~ A special girl punye birthday.. ehem²! Heheh..) is the day of the fall of Sauron, thus, in Gondor, they have declared the 25th of March as their new year. And not only that, Sam Gamgee's first born, Elanor, was also born that day.. yeay!

Ok, I know la its fiction.. but its pretty cool kan hehe..

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