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Friday, June 24, 2011

Swimming in Books.. boley?

So my birthday has come and gone sejak berbulan dahulu.. but the birthday presents I had lined up for MYSELF still keeps coming! Hahah.. I'd actualloy ordered some of these books then but it took time for the ordering from the agent and all that so I'm still calling it my personal birthday treat. THe final order arrived at my doorstep last Friday and I've only got the time to update on these thingeys today ☺

First of all.. hmm, lets see.. I ordered these books from Penjaja Buku on FB. Books I've been meaning to buy for so long tp asyik takde mase or takde duit. I love Cecila Ahern and recently have started liking Jodi Picoult (though this book fell short of expectation)

This second batch is what I bought for myself during the World Book Day. Yup, some splurge on shoes, handbags.. but me, I'd spend every penny on books haha.. Dan Brown tu dah lame nak beli but never had time to find it while Jefferey Deaver is one of my favourite thriller authors. All these book were discounted from 50% ~ 70%.. bargain kan!

This 3rd batch I bought outta boredom.. boley? The classics are something I've always meant to read but NEVER finished (dan nampaknye nasib classics² ini pun agak serupe sbb bace a tenth and dah pilih buku lain haha..) but Room mmg bes. I did a review on this book here.

4th one(s) I bought at, believe it or not, Carrefour.. boley? The books were cheaper than in store. This time I loved the Jodi Picoult one.. and I must admit, I bought The Lovely Bones after reading how it was being compared to Room, and sgt tak menyesal! Love it!

Last but not least, the books I've been waiting for. Supernatural books hehe.. I'm a great fan of the series so when The Books Galore (another noline bookstore) recommended it to me a few years ago, I bought the available two books she had. These are the latest ones from the series AND they're not the ones you watch on TV.

Opppss.. tidak lupe the book GIVEN to me for my birthday from my brother and sis-in-law.. pun sgt bes okay! Its all about Pandora, the Na'vi and all.. thanx adik dan adik ipar! ☺

After covering the book the plastic covering, I realized I no longer have any available bookshelves for these new books. Existing books pun I've started susun on the flor or any available space. Tu tak masuk half-read The Bodies Left Behind on my bedside, half-reread Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on my dining table, half-read One Year Gone dpn TV (Hey, I need books at all places hehe..) and others hehe.. so I made one last splurge still categorized under birthday treat. Tada..

A new book case! I am now rearranging all my books in all available places (blum abis lagi actually.. gosh! Brape bnyk buku sy ade ni sbnrnye?) But lets just say: I'm really enjoying myself here and have somehow managed to not think about something I wanna forget. See, books are a great therapy! ~ ♥

Ohh.. on another note, saje wanted to share something my student gave me.. comey kan! Hehe..

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