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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't feel like getting outta bed.. =(

I had an awful Friday =(

The day started so promisingly. I felt better than I had felt since ages. But then, something made me snap I guess. I had to force myself to go to my class and was a bit ashamed when I voice kept breaking as I was trying to teach my students about Plans and Elevations so I quickly showed them a few examples and handed out some questions before I sat down and distracted myself with rewriting their names in the register since I'd come to the end of the current page.

I felt as if the class would never end and I guess it was the first time I ever checked my watch more frequently than my students.

As I arrived home, I was ready to just bury myself under my blanket and sleep the night away. I was almost regretting the kenduri the next day (Sorry Misa.. but I'm really glad I got my big butt outta the bed and went to celebrate your happiness ~ ♥) but I found myself enjoying Shahnaz and Wan's company as we went there together.. the girls have been bestfriends since we were at school and just looking at them makes you wish you still had your bestfriend near you..

..and the sight of Misa was also something to smile and be happy about! Congrats Misa.. wish I had taken a picture of her amidst the chaos.

But the sight of home depressed me again and once again I only wanted to lose myself in dreamland!


Such a drama queen kan!

The only thing I can look forward to is an unexpected offer from Shahnaz for a chance for me to be a tourist in my own Penang that will start today at around 11am and end tomorrow around 2pm.. so I'm gonna have a 27-hour tourist time and I'm determined to enjoy myself!
So lets see..

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