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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reunion @KFC lagi?!? =p

Wahhh.. KFC Pt Buntar 2 has turned into a kinda of reunion place for me or what?

I went there this afternoon after picking up my cheque at Walinong Sari (Cikgu Arun's side business). Deciding I was hungry, I walked to the KFC which ws just a block away from cikgu Arun's store. Since I had recently met Amir and Asyraf there, I was expecting to maybe cross paths with them (or at least one of them) again if it was their shift.

Entering the store, I noticed Amir but didn't go to his line since it was quite long and since I didn't want to startle him so I went to the other line. After I ordered and paid, the cashier has given me my change and as I was trying to cram the change in my purse, I noticed someone else stand at the cashiers place (she was preparing my order). Thinking that maybe they had given me too much change ke ape ke, I looked up to ask but was suprised to see the person standing there smiling like there was something amusing..

Mule la sy dok pk, tudung sy senget ke ape ni?

Then he asked me if I was a tutor at Arun Jaya and I started fretting coz I couldn't place his face.. but then I glanced at his nametag


Waaaahhh.. nasib baik tak jerit! Hahaha..

This was the 'famous' Aiman my juniors and my sister once called my favourite student coz I kept talking about him after classes ☺ The Aiman who said "Cikgu la yg takde harapan ni ye!" when he knew I was an unmarried 26-year-old dulu hahah.. The Aiman who always 'complained' of my handwriting just to make me mad. I've always wondered about him whenever I met any of my ex-students and here he was in flesh.. I could feel an uncontrollable grin spreading across my face as all the memories I had of him came back at me.. and I just had to laugh!

He looks sooo different. Taller than I remember. Gone was the cute round faced and curly haired boy I had once known and in his place.. someone totally different. Seryes mmg beze sgt. Patut la sy tak kenal mule² tu.. but his chatty mouth was still the same! Glad of that ☺

He's doing law at UIA now and I was dying to tell Izati he's her junior tho lain school (actually balik tu sy trus update status FB and Izati noticed it and trus 'like'.. even my sis remembers THIS Aiman hahah..). I thought he'd be doing engineering or something coz he's very good in Math so I was suprised when he told he'd even managed to get on the Deans List. Waaaaahhh.. bangge giler sy!

I must've spent half an hour kot sembang² with him. Mesti boss dia ban sy dari gi KFC dah pasni hahah..

Even smpi mlm ni pun I'm still grinnig like crazy. Tak sangke he remembers me coz I only taught him for 6 weeks je pun and klau dia tak tegur tu tadi, mmg I wouldn't know it was him..

Now I realy have to emphasize: Mmg seronok la jadik cikgu!

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