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Monday, June 06, 2011

Reunion @KFC? Hahah.. =p

Prior to my cousins kenduri, I went out to buy those huge containers to put all the packed chocolates and apams. Now in Pt Buntar, its like a trend ke ape tah that a lot of stores bukak yg style jual plasticware sumer² tu so you have quite a big choice if you wanna find these kinda things. That afternoon I decided to go to this store I've never been.. the reason: dekat ngan KFC coz I was starving and malas nak masak hehe..

After I paid for my purchases, I just went across the street into KFC. As usual, I would scan the line with the least queue and while I went there, my eyes would scan the menu on what I wanted to eat. Without looking at the staff in charge, I told him, "Bawak balik ye.."

When I made my decision and finally looked at the cashier, I was thrown off-guard when I found him grinning at me.. rupenye si Asyraf Ikhwan.

Hahah.. I laughed when I realized who he was while he was just smiling shyly.. as usual! I had noticed his recent statuses on FB about his part-time job during the semester break, but didn't actually know he worked here

Then, while I was talking to him, I noticed the 2nd cashier coming towards us. Uh-oh, I thought he wanted to come tegur, "Sile jgn sembg ngan staf, boley!" so I quickly stopped laughing but then..

"Cikgu, sy dapat A utk maths, Tak mau belanja ka?"

Eikk.. waahhh... Amiruddin! One of my favourite students last year sbb
i. dia suke duk dpn
ii. sgt rajin tanye soklan
iii. he was the student who said, "Suami cikgu mesti hensem kaaannn!" <--boleh?

Asyraf is on his semester break while Amir would be registering in Politeknik Melaka(?) next month..

But what are the odds untuk both cashiers to be my exstudents?!!?

Simply amazing.. and made me smile like crazy since I like both these guys and kinda enjoyed seeing them.

See.. seronok kan jadik cikgu!

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