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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is ridiculous.. dah seminggu dah ni! Damn you pacat!!

*This entry tiade gambo yg gross² but what I wanna say might be a tad bit yucky to some*

Around 8~9 days ago, half the school was attacked by those lil bloodsuckers!

Okay, tu ayat drama lebey.. tak la mcm kene attack sungguh-sungguhan but since the whole 1st year batch plus a few staff and postgrads were doing some jungle tracking, memang ramai la kene gigit pacat kan. I don't think anyone was spared.

Anyway, tho I hate Mr K, I don't really mind these lil Miss Pacats. Maybe coz Miss Ps were abundant in my childhood tiap kali balik kampung so tho I'd rather not meet one, I'm not afraid of them. In fact, most of the time if I realized they've already started 'feasting' on my blood, I'd just let them be. Klau yg masih mencari² port nak isap darah tu, I cabut laaa..

It happened that I gave quite a kenduri to the lil Miss Ps and had 'punctures' all over my legs, with two of the largest (yg jadik cam port paling femes coz other lil Miss Ps kept berulang alik going back there everytime I checked my legs to find any pacat) that did not stop bleeding even on Monday afternoon (we went on the jugle track on Sunday morning).

Not that I minded much, except for the itchiness that came with it. Its usually okay after a day so I didn't do anything except wash the 'wounds'.

But everyday it became more itchy for me to the stage that I couldn't sleep at night, dealing with it. Then a few days ago, almost all wounds started to get swollen and reddish while the itchinees turned to real pain.

I was a bit suprised at this since I usually get over a Miss P bite quite quickly but this was getting ridiculous.

Then last night, it was the height of itchinees for me. I couldn't sleep a wink and before that, I was busy scratching (not using fingernails) through my jeans to ease the feeling during my class. This moning, I realized one of the largest wounds had pus in it and this made me realized, I might have become allergic to these pest over the years sbb dah lame tak kene gigit pacat kan.

All pictures have been edited hahah.. and since my phone pun idak le canggih the manggih so tak nmpk sgt kot but I can assure it, memang merah and purple mcm lebam giler dah rupe dia.. macam kene dera.

If you can see, amidst the redness, theres this not-so-tiny black spots where the Miss Ps telah puncture.. gatal hokey! Berlubang pun ye bile diusik.. =(

These are the 4 tiniest wounds, di pacat² yang tak dpt makan bnyk sbb tersorok under my socks kot time tu hahah..
Anyway, went to the clinic and was told I might have a severe allergic reaction to these bloodsuckers.. pulakkkk! Sebelum ni ok je.. I was given some meds (ye, sy tau sy ngade tp nak buh gak kat sini =p)

Two creams tau.. one to put on the puncture and the other to rub onto the swollen parts of the bite. The one for the puncture kate Yee same with ubat untuk kene Charlie! Then I got some antibiotics and ubat gatal a.k.a ubat tidur sy mase sekolah menengah.. opppsss!

The doctor told me to come back if those meds didn't work and I'm still baffled on why kali ni sy tak tahan wpun selame membesar, dah tak terkire je pun kene pacat and tak penah pun jadik camni. Maybe its like what I said to Jaja: Ni pacat utan, liar skit! Tu yg gatal melampau.. klau kat kebun Abah tu, pacat jinak heheh..


Drama Mama said...

banyaknya ayu!!!!!!! kalau saya kena pacat...ya Allah menjerit haku! still remember aman study kena gi jungle tracking...memang la dok meloncat menjerit suh the guys tolong remove! haha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Tu baru skit tu hahah.. ade another one dekat celah my toes.. tak la merah camtu tp bengkak and gatal cam hape.. adoi laaa! Tu la, aritu berlagak je biar pacat tu isap darah kunun sbb dah biase.. kan dah kene camniii

the tukang karut said...


Lee Zha said...

teringat cite Harry Potter. charm yang cikgu dia ajo "Ridiculus"


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Liza: Akak asal tak takut.. tp bile dah lame tak baik², baru la taunak risau kan heheh..

Zha: Heheh.. a'ah.. utk lawan ngan Boggart kan :) Akak suke time Neville nye Boggart tuko jadik Snape yg pakai topi nenek dia

AriNaz Since 1984 said...

..pembetulan ye !! sy x kena walau sekor pun !!! sekian !! (nk bgtau itu je !!) :p

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Huik Arep.. seryes ka tak kene pacat? Bkn kate ade yg masuk kasut tu ke? =p <--nak jugak ckp Arep kene

Lee Zha said...

*nampak sgt kita 2 ni hapal cite Harry Potter*

hahahaha nak gtau ni, ruang komen za tu lembap sikit, sebab dah 'renovation'. hahah

lau akak nak komen, tgu sampai appear INTENSE DEBATE baru la nampak, jgn lak akak ingat za delete ek komen akak. hehe

tak delete pun, jz ruang komen lama xnampak. :D