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Friday, January 21, 2011

Aim untuk tahun baru.. err, bkn ke dah 21hb ke arini, Ayu?

Okay.. okay.. I know! New years has left us 3 weeks ago and tetibe I'm thinking of writing about my resolutionkah?

Heheh.. tak lahh! =p

I don't usually make yearly resolutions. Biasenye resolutions made bile terpk nak buat je pun but this year I DO have one main aim: Mau abis amik data and at least 3-quarters of my analysis and writing by, lets say, September! Nak kate mid-year, mcm tak tercapai dek tangan lah pulak kan hehe..

Anyway, I've actually wanted to write about this from 1st January lagik but too many things happened from then till now. 2nd day of the year, I had a severe stomachache. Okay la, I dunno la how to rate it sbb tak penah sakit perut camtu, but lets just say sy sanggup lagik kene period pain tak berenti sepanjang ari dari sakit perut mcm tu lagi. Luckily I just needed some rest.. (and unluckily, an afterthought of that incident is still bothering me..)

Then last week we had the Civil Moment of Friendship Camp which since I don't have any pictures, sy tak berperasaan nak tulis lagi.. kot! But I enjoyed it thought the leech bites we had to endure are still itchy till today.. aishhh, pacat hutan kot camni? Bese kene pacat, idak le gatey camni! In fact, two 'punctures' were still bleeding the next afternoon.. sheesh! Anyway, tgk la klau ade gambo dari memane, maybe I'll post here (Okay.. ni cam tak malu dok budget ade org bace blog ni la sgt kaaaaannn hahah..)

Okay, lepas bace both paragraphs above, sgt la terase yg sy ni bnyk alasan kan? Heheh..

Anyway, what I wanted to write about was something I thought about on the new years eve. Last year, me and a few friends 'celebrated' new years eve by watching Sherlock Holmes secare berjemaah sebelum pekene Char Koay Teow Bandar Perda.

This year, I went to Yun's house before a friend called 'nak ajak makan'. I thought, ok la, bleh gak nak sembang² but it turned out sy telah diculik dan dibawa ke karaoke centre hahah..

Ohhh tidaaakkk~~ Ayu pegi karaoke centre?!?! Miracle ok.. miracle.. tp sy tak le nyanyi.. kang ujan ribut taufan Pt Buntar ni kang..

Anyway, it got me thinking. Bnyk bende yg org biase buat, tp sy tak penah buat cam karaoke ni aritu la. Also other normal things like enjoying the sunset (well, kene la jugak factor in nak solat Maghrib sumer jugak kan) yg seriously sy tak penah buat, believe it or not! I've never even tempered with my hair: straighten ke, kasik perm ke (nak kaler sy tak minat and takmo pun, ok!). Only done normal cut yg straight je takde layer² yg simple tu pun wpun every hairdresser I've ever went to ade mcm² idea je nak main ngan rambut sy tp sy sentiase kecewekan mereka dan mntk potong straight je.. boring kan!

I've also NEVER sewn my own baju kurung (and I'm a girl, for God's sake!). Boleh tak sy penah tempah baju kurung kat Mat.. yup! A GUY! Yg pandai jahit baju. Klau setakat jahit butang ke (yg selalu senget benget) or jahit bodo² tu boley la.. yg mane di mase yg same, sy berharap takde org take a closer look at it klau tak konpem sy kene halau balik form 1, belajar balik asas menjahit dlm Kemahiran Hidup.

So I made up my mind yang this year would be the year of trying!

(Ohhh.. now that I've said it, I've really dug a great big hole for me to fill eh!)

Its not a resolution ke ape ke.. just for the fun of it to colour up my otherwise black-and-white life. But I really wanna try to do things I've never ever done before in my life this year. Granted, tak semestinye ianye ialah bende² giler gah cam wowza style (like panjat Twin Towers ke ape ke hahah.. ohh tidakkk!), just bende² normal yg org len biase buat but I've NEVER done out of cowardice or maybe plain ignorance..

..though, its actually a bad start since I can't figure out WHAT new thing I wanna try out first! Heheh.. huh! Cakap je lebey Ayu ni hehe..

But seriously, I think I wanna try. I wanna look back at the end of this year and see that my life is actually quite colourful instead of mcm statik je in a straight line year after year. I wanna do things that I wouldn't have done before and I wanna make each moment count (even when I hate it!)

Though tidaklah akan ku, for example, jahit baju sendiri dlm mase terdekat ni kan since bnyk je tailor di USM nih yg boleh anto baju heheh.. but who knows, maybe bleh berguru ngan kak Ainun ke atau Mat ke and by the end of this year, I might have my very first handmade baju.. kan.. kannn!

Right now, I really think that I'm gonna try doing different things this year. Start small la kan, insignificant to others but mean something to me ke kan. Lets see if I ever feel like this again and actually do it instead of cakap je kan.. but hopefully, I'll manage! ☺

(Apepun, sy salahkan Awang dan Zabidi sbb buat sy sedar yg sy tak normal cam org len hahah..)

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