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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horror giler!

I'm officially a big, fat liar!


A few days ago, I was in my friends room with a couple of other students. We were doing our usual joking around and all that when one of our lecturers (my friend's supervisor) came in and joined in the joke. Let's call him Dr A. A while later, Dr B joined us and before long, he was hinting on finding someone for his friend, Dr C.. scratch that, I'll call him Dr Z coz he's the last person anyone would ever consider since he is soooo annoying!

But since Dr A and Dr B were the kindly type of lecturers, we were too polite to ever say anything bad about Dr Z in front of them even when Dr A jokingly asked Dr B to pair me up with Dr Z.. duhhh! Sib baik laaa Dr A ni baik, tak sampai hati la sy nak tunjuk camne tak suke nye sy kat Dr Z ni, eventho he was only joking.

However, I'm the type of person who's face would turn red at EVERYTHING! Damn my cappilaries! C'mon la, I turn red even at the slightest thing but somehow Dr B thought I had turned red because I liked Dr Z.. huwaaaaa! Tidaaaakkkk~~

Lucky for me since most of us didn't like Dr Z pun, my friends didn't encourage the idea but onl;y laughed politely at Dr B's attempts. Still, my friend told me that that afternoon, Dr B had asked for my phone number so he could be the matchmaker! Sib baik la my friend buat² like he left his phone at home so he could'nt give out my number.

Then, late this morning, I was doing the finisihng touches to some cupcakes my student had ordered, I received a call from an unknown number. Thinking it was from the tuition centre regarding our gaji yang masiuh tak nampak batang idungnye, I picked up the phone and actually felt my face fall when I recognized Dr B's voice telling me 'someone' wanted to ask me out for lunch.. what the hell!!

Marahnye sy but I had to be polite to Dr B who thought he was doing me a good turn.. duh! I considered telling him I was fasting but didn't think it was a good enough reason. But when he told me, "Jangan la risau, sy temankan supaya kamu tak berdua saja.." I felt like, I must end it before more misunderstandings come to surface so I said the first thing that came to my mind..

"Tak boleh la Dr, nanti boyfriend saya marah.."

Ughhh.. I felt my face grow hot at the lie (See, I told you my face akan merah at the slightest thing!) but I stuck with the lie when he asked me if it was true that I actually had a boyfriend and wasn't as single as he thought I was.. and I LIED right through my teeth!

It made me feel bad when he apologized but I just made a cheery sort of voice and said it was ok!

But once I disconnected, my mind went straight to my friend (yg apparantly tidakl bersalah memberikan number phone sy). Sib baik la phone kene barr so I couldn't actually yell at him there and then..

Sheesh! I seriously do not like anyone trying to matchmake me with anyone I could hardly stand.. in fact, I avoid matchmaking at all (unlsee I'm the one doing the matchmaking hahah)

..and I hate it that I've started my new year with being a liar! Adeh!!


Papakeechee said...

but it was cute of DR B to match make like tat ... Dr Dr ni semua tak dek keje eh?? ... hehehhe

ps : how ironic .. my word verification was "drhers" ... Dr HERS?!?!? =P

Misa said...

Horror sangat ok. Kalau saya pun saya menipu camtu jugak.

Ayu Ikhwani said...

kak Rina: Ohhhh.. tidaakkk! You dunno this Dr ni camne.. thats why no one would even dream of matchmaking him with our friends hahahah..

Misa: Yeayyyy! Ade org sokong sy ckp camtu hahah.. wpun terase bersalah, tp demi keselamatan di mase hadapan kannnn =p