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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Seryes jeles ngan bebudak ni!!

I've been noticing something on the telly lately.. and seryes sy dengki ngan bebudak ni!

Tv show apekah itu?!?! Jeng³..

At first, I wasn't really that interested in watching a bunch of kids making a mess in the kitchen but just 5 minutes of channel switching made me hooked! Giler terre bebudak ni.. and makes me hungry just watching them.

The season started with 50 kids vying for the top 20 where they competed in 5 stages with 10 kids each. Sgt menarik ok.. There was the International Food Challenge, the Dessert Challenge, Seafood Challenge, the Youngest Contestants Challenge (diorg bg je bdk² masak ape².. and umo diorg was like 8~9 tahun ok!) and the Meat Challenge. Mase dessert challenge, they actually laid out all the ingredients in a fairytale kinda way that made you wanna go through the TV right there and then.

From that 50, only 20 where chosen where they 'battled' again to fight for a spot in the top 12.

Nape sy suke giler bebudak ni?

Well, feast your eyes on this!

Strawberry shortcake by one of my favourite contestants, Lucy!

Custard Tarts by Lucy and Siena (another favourite!)

And Lamb Wellington by my Pierre, my favourite male contestant! Well, ni bkn la the exact Lamb Wellington yg dia buat hehe.. tp lebey kurang la.. sgt nmpk sedap ok!

My favourite contestant is Pierre (setakat ni la since I haven't watched sampai habis.. Anim ngan Rashid dah tgk sampai episode 10 dah ni.. jeles²!) He reminds me of a Pakistani friend I had when I was 6 by the name of Jameel. Comel kan dia? In the Tuck Shop challenge, he was a great leader.. seryes yg you gotta see it yourself. He kept going around to his teammates to help them out and all that. Even the judges pun puji ☺

Then there's Nick si gigi kapak haha.. he is like the most expressive boy ever. Bile nganga, he'd nganga betul².. I love watching him. The first pressure test they were asked to make poached pears in cranberry syrup and he cored his pear sampai berlubang. Sian dia risau but you should've seen how suprised he was when he emerged the winner of the challenge.

I love watching these two boys..

Another boy I love is Anthony si rambut cacak yg unique. You should've seen the judge trying to touch his hair and he is soooo cute when he smiles hahah.. masak pun terre! Can't help laughing when he went to Pierre's group just to snoop around.. chumel!

The other guy in the picture is Alex ke apetah name dia.. a bit quiet! (Sy pun quiet tatau nak ckp ape pasal dia =p)

Then there's Jack.. one of the oldest and one who only recently discovered his talents. He was feeling a bit bummed when his biscuit for the poached pear didn't turn out well and blamed it on his lack of practice on desserts. So imagine his suprise when he emerged 3rd on the challenge (Okay, sy baru tgk sampai episode ni je so dunno much lagik about other challenges.. but bakal watch through YouTube setelah dicucuk oleh Anim and Rashid!) And btw, he made some quiches and now I'm looking around for ingredients to make them sbb tetibe sgt tingin nak makan lagik heheh..

Another rambut cacak boy is Sam yg terre ok.. the judge told him his Baklava (Sy siap pi Google apekah Baklava coz of this boy!) was at the same pedastal as baklava's in famous restaurants (the judge tu ade restaurant sendir and even compared Sam's to his own.. bangge giler!)

As for the girls, my most favourite is cute n bubbly Lucy! Chumel kan dia ☺

She loves to laugh and is always excited in anything she does. I liked her even during the qualifying and had thought she'd be sent home for her Strawberry Shortcake (not as 'exotic' as other contestants punye dish) and was very relieved to see that she got through. Bravo Lucy!

My second favourite one is Siena who's only 9! She's such a sweet girl ♥

She and Lucy were the dynamic duo in the Custard Tart making during the Tuck Shop challenge.. sgt suke tgk coz both sgt chumel with one sgt excvited and the other sgt la calm even when there was something wrong with their pastries (it was industrial-bought punye.. klau homemade, mesti takde masalah pun diorg) Sgt la konsentret muke sorg² when sifting the icing sugar and making zig zags with the chocolate on their custard tart!

And then there's the twins.. Isabella and Sofia!

Apparantly they've already named their future restaurant as Issofia. I noticed them from the beginning jugak but I much prefer the soft-spoken Sofia than her confident sister, Isabella. Their grandma was from I-don't-remember but bukan native Aussie la, thats why they knew how to cook so many types of food. Terre tau!

Here's a picture of my favourite twin, Sofia and another contestant Emily during the Tuck Shop Challenge where they made sushi for the first time.. and sushi yg cantik plak tu. Klau mine, mesti malu nak jamu kat budak sekolah makan hahaha..

This plak is the second 4-person group to be eliminated from the show. Three of my favourites are here and the other one is Cassidy, a whiz in making desserts! ☺

In the end, it was a face-off between Isabella and Jack. Siena and Sofia were also in the final 4 so YEAY to them! Personally, I would've vouched for the modest Jack but it can't be denied that Isabella, who in the end won the title, had much more talent and experience (this I got from Wiki coz I haven't watched it till the end, remember)

In all, the first few episode have made me literally hungry for more so off to You Tube I am heheh.. But I really recommend this to anyone who hasn't watched. Only, sile jgn tengok dengan perut yg kosong =p

*pictures ALL Googled!


Lee Zha said...


*xmampu msk cam dorang*

hahah za suka nick an sienna jgkkkkkkk!!!

mskn dorg..adoii...menetes tgk..huhu

Papakeechee said...

aduih!! u kenal nama sorang sorang pulak tu ... hard core fan eik!?!? heheh ... i also nyampah with them cause they are THAT GOOD ... it;s like how come i cant make that ... how come!?!?!? ... i guess it;s time to train arees to become THAT GOOD la ... senang mak bapak dia ada their own personal chef ... ^_^

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Zha: Kaaaannn.. Nick tu mcm geram je tgk ngn gigi kapak nye.. ngan cakap ade lisp nye.. nmpk sgt still bdk.. tp bile masak, mak oiiiiii.. terre ngkau! Sienna pun sgt soft spoken and baik je dia. Suke akak bile tau dia top 4

kak Rina: Sile²! Then ajak Aunty Ayu dtg try his cooking.. mane tau leh jadi prodigy heheh.. tp cam jeles giler kan tgk diorg pandai giler.. dah la given 45 minute to 1 hour je for each task. Yg lelaki² tu nnt balik skolah mesti ramai nak ngorat.. who can resist a guy who could cook.. especially cook like a pro like that

NAJ HEBAT said...


tengok ni.. mmg rase tercabar.


yang lelaki tu ade yang kiut kan?

tak sompat nak buat laki.


raudzah said...

ayu, saya dah tgk gak citer ni smlm (khamis) kat star world.tapi baru episode 2 kot yg Tuck Shop Challenge tu.gile la budak2 ni pandai masak!sampai saya kena perli yg laki saya..'awak tau ke masak mcm dorang?'..kurang asam.

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Naj: Sape ni ye? Thanx for dropping by.. haha.. mmg tak sempat buat laki, kecik sgt heheh

Mak Su: Kaaaaaaaaaaann.. cam jeles giler ngan diorg nihhh.. kejap je bleh buat mcm².. klau sy, mau sepagi duk dapur.. tu baru masak lauk sejenis dua jek

masitahhasan said...

terer kan diorg masakkan kak & pakaq suka tengok..tambah2 lagi pakaq..citer masakan mmg dia suka...