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Friday, February 18, 2011

Peak season untuk nikah and tunang ~ ♥

Okay².. I know la the usual 'musim kenduri' is during the school holidays but for the past few weeks, due, maybe to the long weekend we had during Chinese New Year as well as the recent Maulidur Rasul holiday, people have been taking advantage of the long weekends to.. spread the love! Heheh..

Anyway, I received a few orders regarding these engagements and solemnizations so, as usual, instead of a few entries, I'm cramming it all in one ☺

This order was from Arifah, Jaja's friend. She'd ordered before and since she was to be engaged on the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday, she wanted me to custom make a cupcake set for the hantaran, I think. She still prefers the white-black-red combo hence the nickname 'INewYork girl' I gave her hehe..

This one plak from kak Sue for her youngest brother's solemnization. Waaa.. adik dia sebaya Ikram hokey.. and mase cuti tunggu rsult SPM, penah keje at this diner which me and my exhousemates use to frequent.. *sigh* Jodoh dia.. hehe.. (ade bunyi dengki kah?)

This one plak my first fondant set yg I used the cutters I bought a zillion years ago hehe.. akhirnye gune jugak! This one for kak G for her niece's engagement..

Then another one, same theme, different colour and flowers for Farah's in laws. Saje je gatal nak mix and match colours since I suck at playing around with them. Always je nak background putih kan Ayu ni..

And this one for my friend, Siti Normisa who got engaged last week. This was supposed to be a suprise for her but apparantly when I call to buat² tanye pasal her theme, she already guessed I'd be making her a set of cupcakes haha.. Mase ni mcm suke giler hokey, sy ngan Bart try curik sireh segala. Then in my FB at this pic, sgt la nak gelak with comment² kengkawan pasal curik sireh and all that ☺

Lastly, ni bkn hantaran k.. but this is just a birthday cake I made for my adik² jiran umah No 40 whose birthday was at the end of December and early February (tetibe leh combo gitu wpun bln January tadek pun besday sesape antara diorg kaaaaannn)

Ohh.. Oven sy menjerit mintak berehat skrg hehe..


misa said...

Zillion thanks Ayu for the lovely cupcakes.

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Welcome Misa.. and thanx for berkat yg kami tumpang.. beserta sireh yg kami curik hahahah

Lee Zha said...

psal doktor tu..

nak wat cm na kak, muka gengster macam kita 2 orang yg main2 tukul dan paku ni di cop 'nakal'.

trima je lah nyah~ haha

nak resipi cup cakess!! anto kat emel boleh???

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahahahaha.. muke gangster kah? =p

Orait.. bleh je.. nnt akak emailkan.. skrg dok bz men game jap hahahah.. tp senang je.. mesti Zha nnt nak buat selalu