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Friday, August 06, 2010

Sy ade beg baru~~

Okay la, its not the RM1000++ type of bag, nor is it in the hundreds.. my guess is its not even RM10 haha.. but its the thought that counts kan hehe..

When I was in form 2 (which is like millions of years ago la kan time dinosaur pun dok atas bumi lagi), the first time I went for an 'outing', I bought this bag from Popular. It was just a small bag bg CAP (Consumers Association Penang<-- btoi ka?) promoting the usage of reusable bags instead of plastic bag. Then, there were no reusable shopping bags like the ones we find in Jusco nowadays, this bag was made from cotton (?).

I used this bag for my telekung from then right till now (see, the bag is now older than me when I first bought this bag) and I really loved it. I dunno why, maybe the sentimental value of it being my first purchase for the first time I went out with friends or something but I REALLY used this bag.

Now the past few years, my friends keep telling me to buy another bag. Why?

See.. haha.. and here's a close up of the handles, sgt reput ok! Its literally hanging by a thread there.. and still I use it! Tatau la sbb sentimental value ka or sbb malas nak cari another bag haha..

Anyway, last month, the staff in our school went for a trip to Bandung and one of my friends bought me some cloth for baju kurung (the kind you can find merate² over there) and something else..

At first I thought it was a pencil box but I was puzzled on how hard it was for me to open it and stuff my stationary there. That was when Rashid came in and had the laugh of his life at me hahah..

Ohhh.. bag rupenye hahah.. malu ok!

So guess what I'm using it for? Since the person who gave it to me also suggested it (huh.. nape sumer org tak suke beg telekung lame sy?), I'm now using this as my new bag telekung :)

My old bag? Ade je kat umah.. thinking of framing it up sbg membalas jase <-- mati la sentimental gila! Well, at least (bak kate Yun), takkan ade karangan 'Saya sebuah beg telekung' from it kaaaannn =p


Drama Mama said...

huwaaaaa!!! that's like sooooooooo very old ok! sampai putus2 tali...haaa nasib dah dapat beg baru. kalau tak i ingat nak sedekah satu beg kat u..hahahahha

Lee Zha said...

macam lebih kurang je bag akak an liza. hehehe

Papakeechee said...

awww ... it;s like a tribute to the old bag ... almost brought me to tears ... huhuh ... =P

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Bai: Hahaha.. I know.. I know.. bag ni is alway mangse bully semua org coz its soooo buruk now but I ♥ it sooooo much.. sgt susah nak part with it tau klau bkn sbb dpt beg lain ngan pesanan gune as beg telekung itu =p

Liza: Same ek.. hehe, great minds think alike kan.. Suke la jugak beg ni wpun rase bersalah terhadap beg lame :D

Papakechee: Ahahahah.. sgt drama kan.. I miss my old bag though, still haven't got used to using this bag yet.. selalu dok tercari↓3 beg putih ku yg lame itu

mast@work said...

owh, saya selalu nampak beg lama itu di surau.. pasni tiada lagi la ek..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Heheh.. Mas pun pasan kan beg buruk akak tuh.. tp sangat laaaa berjasa.. pas basuh aritu, still sangkut kat umah sbb syg nak buang :D Pasni nmpk beg Bandung ni je laaaahhh (tu pun klau umo panjang jumpe lagik ☺)