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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pasta in da house! ♥

A few months ago, my student Aminah gave me some choc cheese cake her mum had made.. yummy! However, everytime I wanted to give back her container, she never came (and I isi ngan bende beli kedai je coz malu tak pandai masak cam mak dia). But seeing that its nearly Ramadhan and since I won't have any classes with her for the whole month, I decided to pakse her to come (didn't have to actually coz suddenly her school didn't have any activities that night haha..) and make something.

Rummaging through my kitchen cabinets and fridge, I was suprised to notice I HAd the ingredients to make one of my fav dishes.. well, excluding the tomato puree which I was sure was sold in the nearby store so I decided to make it..

..until I realized I dodn't buy the tomato puree yet haha.. aperaaa Ayu! And would you believe, they only had the small can.. and only ONE was sold that day.. adesss! Rosak recipe ku.. and to add insult, I FORGOT to put some salt in the meat, sabo je lah.

Tp ku gagahi jua and the end result wasn't that bad la kot. Takde la sampai tak leh nak telan kannnn.. so what did I make?


Ye la.. baked pasta je pun. Wanted to use the usual macaroni tp at my home cume ade spirals and malas gile nak gi cari coz the macaroni sold at the nearby store was this brand yg sy tak kenal, thus, sy tak mo cube la kan.

Sempat la dibungkuskan untuk Aminah and my usual 'rakan bertukar juadah'. Then took a bit for myself and the rest here..

..kasik kat jiran! Diorg tu sedap aje wpun the meat takde garam kan =p


Papakeechee said...

nak recipe nak recipe!!! heeeeeeeee .... ^_^

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Heheh.. boley²! Nnt I post here or PM you in FB