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Monday, July 19, 2010

Ohhh.. Chenta lama ropanya~~ ♥

On Saturday, I went to Penang for a few missions
1. Send Shahnaz her ol' skool cake
2. Suprise Iskandar with some birthday cupcakes
3. See Khaled and his mummy a.k.a one of my bestest friends, Ami

I managed to do the first 2 within a few hours of arriving in Penang (I was on a tight schedule, still had class at 4.30pm so memang kene cepat) so I proceeded to go to Ami's before leaving and coming back to Jawi for my class.

Now, otw to Ami's, there's this Caltex station situtaed on the Jelutong Expressway. Somehow, it has become my wajib pittstop whenever I use the expressway, where I'll stop and buy a can of Nescafe before I continue. I pun tatau la ape diorg bomoh kat saya sampai saya memang kene singgah situ hehe..

Nway, I went straight to the cooling units, grabbed a can of Nescafe and went to the cashier. There was only one cashier on duty and he wasn't wearing their uniform. Since it was a male cashier, I did my usual takmo-pandang-muke-awak I usually do. No, sy bkn buat camni sbb jage pandangan mata coz I'm about as gatal-suke-tengok-orang-ensem just like the next person. I do this because I'm plain segan je when face-to-face with people I don't know haha.. (why ayat tu macam poyo giler haha..) Kalau tengok dari jauh, berani la hahah.. aci kah camtu?

Anyway, I pretended to be absorbed in the candy choices near the counter as I handed my money and when I reached my hand to get my change..

"Awak ni Ayu kan?"

Huh?! Terus je saya automatic pandang muke the cashier and realized, Hey! This guy DOES look familiar. And he was smiling like I was an old pal, lagi menambahkan kekonpiusan saya coz I still couldn't remember who he was.. and jugak sudah mule rase malu coz I hate it when I can't remember.

He made a gesture indicating that he wanted me to wait while he served another customer but then another customer came, then another.. I was feeling a bit conscious waiting beside the counter and when my phone suddenly rang, I became engrossed in the phone call that I went straight outta the petrol kiosk into my car and drove off as soon as I hung up. It was only midway to Ami's that I remembered the guy..

Aisehh.. konpem dia kate saya mengade teruk kan!

Arriving at Ami's pun, I still couldn't remember who.. though by that time, I was starting to remember a bit la kot. It was less hazy la my memory time tu. Otw back, I couldn't possibly drop by kan, dah la the petrol station tu on the other side of the expressway, what was I supposed to say, "Hi, sy rase awak ni memang kawan sy la tp sorry sgt sy tak ingt awak ni sape. Leh tolong refresh kepale sy?"

Tp sgt la sure it was a friend from SKSG coz I was in an all-girl school during secondary AND sy bknnye budak glamer yg satu Penang kenal kaaaaaaaan haha..

Nway, just now it suddenly hit me.. AZLAN!

Aiyak! Now that I'm sure its him, I wonder how the hell I didn't realize it was him.

My childhood crush.. FIRST crush in SKSG when I was 7 years old <-- kecik² dah gatai naaa..

I think I wrote about him once. Jap nak check..

Haaa.. --> here

But a quick recap. He was a boy in my class, amongst the first I knew when I entered 1 Kenanga. We were quite close as we sat near to each other and we were both lefties so we had a lot in common as in when kids tease us for being different than them. He loved to draw and was good at it.. and he was super cute and had this small voice (dulu laaa kan, sore budak² haha..)

Mid year, we were separated sob sob (Ceh! Gatai!) I went to 1 Melati and he went to 1 Seroja. I still had a huge crush on him even when we weren't in the same class. However, I started to notice his friends teasing me and him whenever I passed his class. At first, of course la I was overjoyed thinking, "Yeay, he likes me too!" <--sgt gatal kan mase kecik²

But they started to freak me out when I was teased at the canteen too. They would follow me around just to tease me and once, when I ran into the toilet, they waited for me outside the toilet while he pleaded to his friends to leave me alone haha.. giler ape budak² ni! Boleh kan jadi stalker kecik².. nasib baik la bile besar semua dah jadi orang² yang senonoh skit. I can't believe they scared the life outta me dulu haha..

When in standard 5, I learnt we would be in same class, I still freaked. But when I realized, only he would be in my class and not his friends, I started to relax but I never talked to him at all during standard 5. By then, the teasing had slowed down pun.

Then in standard 6, our teacher put us together. She wanted to make our class less noisy so each girl was to sit next to a boy and voila, he became my deskmate. By then, I'd lost the crush dah kot and little by little started talking to him like I did during standard 1, though credit must be given to him la since he was the friendlier one when compared to me.

He still liked drawing then and he was still the cute south paw I knew in standard 1. The differance was, my feelings for him had changed. I could even tease him for his weird way of writing (yeah, I know we south paws hold our pens a bit weird) after he was the first one to realize I hold my pen in a strange way like my life depends on it (but at least MY way wasn't as weird as his was =p)

After primary school, we went separate ways and I think the only time I met him after that was during a reunion we had when we were 18. (I was so sure I had a picture of all of us but I can't find it)

However, the power of the internet and specifically FB has reunited me with a lot of friends but things are different for all of us now. Still, I DO have his FB, and have been having it for a while now. I'm thinking on how I'm supposed to apologize to him since FB is the only way I can contact him. Dah la kompen dia kate sy ngade giler sbb lari camtu je (tanpe sengaje, ok!) aritu.. adehhh..

How ah?

Ohh, he's married ye so don't get any ideas =p


Tun_Teja said...

otomatik teringat zaman cinta kanak-kanak sekolah dulu. jangan risau kak ayu, bukan kak ayu sorang yang gatai masa zaman under age dulu, sebab nomi pun begitu juaaaa. hahaha. statement memang tak boleh blah, tak cover langsung.

blackmountain said...

Ayu: ooo..gatai noo..meh nak tlg garu hehe tp mcm sweet ja baca kisah ni..wish I had a crush like that :p

Adik: hah..mmg..awak mmg gtl..sian A.Jemy kena tlg garu..

Me: huh? ngarut apa ni? comment tak make sense at all *duh*

Drama Mama said...

haahahhaha...memang gatal! i tink i kenai la azlan ni. dia hitam manis ek? pernah jumpa dulu ngn dia mickey had a crush on him too. hehehehe

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Nomi: Heheh.. kaaaannn~~ Akak dulu sbb jenis tak suke citer wpun kwn² dok pung pang suke org ni suke org tu haha.. tu yg rase cam gatai kot =p

kak Anis: Alaaa, takkan takde kot? Heheh.. ke sememangnye sy yg tak normal kecik² dah gatai =p

Bai: Ahahahaha.. I think its the same one. Dia mmg a sweet boy tau hehe.. camne sy leh lupe kat dia aritu pun tatau

Tun_Teja said...

Duh~~kak ayu, takkan la kita yang tak normal kot. hahaha. kak anis yang tak normal tu bluwekkkk...!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ahahaha.. ye ek? Yeayyy.. sy normal hahah..