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Thursday, July 15, 2010

And the finals have come.. and gone!

I know, this is a very 'basi' entry haha.. but I still wanna write about it for my own remembrance!

So Spain won in the end, as predicted! They had 10 straight wins before the South African World Cup anyway and according to Zabidi (my latest football encyclopedia, now that my previous ones have moved on haha..), were already the favourites to win even before WC'10 started so bravo the them.

And for a follower like me (you know, the kind who doesn't exactly follow the leagues and only watches the big² tournaments), I think they played beautifully. Actually, I first saw them playing in Euro 2008 and I liked them even then (tho of course still won't pick them as my favourites just on loyalty-to-Italy basis haha..). I still don't know the name of the players (except the handsome Alonso laaa..) but I liked watching them paly and tried my best not to miss any of their games.

However, I also liked Netherlands during Euro so I also followed their progress in the WC. To me, they too played beautifully (won all games before the final game jugak hehe..) and since they were the underdogs for the final, I decided to root for them.

But I was disappointed..

..and NOT because they lost!

I don't really know much about the 'allowable roughness in a tackle' and bla bla bla.. (Okay, so I dunno what the actual terms are =p) but I sure felt the Dutch were VERY rough.. vicious in fact! And I found myself disliking them even earlier on.. Gile ngko, wanna make a record for the highest number of yellow cards ke apetah?

Midway through the game, I found myself rooting for Spain, and ashamed of it since I had told my friends I was with Oranje that night.. *sigh*

And in the end, the team who deserved it won with a late goal, thus making them holding the two champion titles I watch.. European and World.. good for them! =)

I really liked their goalkeeper who is an 'Octopus' himself, not letting any ball go pasthis goal post so sgt la touching when he went down on his knees and cried, ok! Wpun tak ensem, he could actually ganti Buffon for my most favourite goal keepers hehe..

So there goes a month of staying up hehe.. still adjusting to NOT staying up for matches.

Anyway, here's to another 4 years of the World title for the Spanish heroes =)


Drama Mama said...

so bila nak blanja i victory lunch kat paddington?!? u owe me! hahaha

one good thing that resulted from world cup : my crush over Messi! still belum hilang k! hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ciss.. mengambil kesempatan hahah.. jom².. nnt la, bile I nye gaji ade lebey, I plak nak blanja u there =p

Hahaha.. Messi! My students kate sy sokong Argentina sbb suke Messi yg pendek.. ampeh kan

Drama Mama said...

Messi walaupun pendek tapi comeiiiii ok! haaaa ayu jom kita gaduh over Messi like we did over Yusry dulu nak?!? wakakkakakakkaka!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ahahahaha.. YUSRY! Skrg tgk puntak selera, ape la kite nmpak kat dia dulu ek heheh..

Messi awak amik la sensorg.. tak minat! Dulu mase 1st time tgk bola, I really liked him sbb he made me watch the ball sbb asyik kat kaki dia je hehe.. now I mau tgk Alonso yg ensem tu saje, ok =p