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Monday, December 31, 2007



.. I'm gonna wallow DEEP into self-pity for everything that has happened!
.. I'm gonna go through each and everything that has hurt me especially in the past year!
.. I'm gonna let myself be mad at those I should've been mad ages ago!
.. I'm gonna list out all the useless things I've done!
.. I'm gonna let myself cry out all those tears I've tried to hide all this while!
.. then I'm gonna sleep off this fever I've been having the past few days!
.. and I'll wake up just to feel sorry for myself again, and as much as possible!
.. but just for today!


.. tomorrow is a new day!
.. tomorrow is a new month!
.. tomorrow is a new year!
.. and by tomorrow, I hope all of the above would leave me alone now so I'd be able to really take good care of all the good memories and special things that I once had, already and still have AND that I WILL have!

Its New Year's Eve everyone..

And a Happy New Year to all :)

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