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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Esok hari raye :)

Sheesshh.. if it wasn't for my class this afternoon, I'd be safely home right now. But as it is, I'm here in school with only the Iranians as company, while waiting for my class to start at 5.15pm. Lucky that I love that class of form 5 :) Besides, its not as if I have anything to look forward to anyway..

Met Dr Farhan otw up and he was suprised to see me still here.. I was itching to ask him the same thing hahah..

Right now, I'm looking at this plushie Izati bought for me, in the shape of a football. Yesterday abg Fadzil's came while I was cleaning up my cube and asked me, "Kenape Aman tak boleh tendang bola ni? Bola ni lembik sangat la.." Aiyaaaakkkk, its not for kicking la heheh.. Would have to be careful that Izati doesn't know about it, ngamuk la my lil' sis if she knows her present was about to be kicked around :D

God! I AM BORED!!! I wanted to talk about Sharil's yummy chocolate cake (that guy sure knows how to cook!) that he made for me again but right now I don't really have the mood for writing bout anything..


Raya blues, huh..

Well, have the best of raya for all of you.. till then, cheerio!!


For my cousin Nyah Zai: Bilenye tarikh tu? Bitau laaaaa.. leh wat pa pe ke.. *sambil² kutip berkat sepupu ku kawen duluuuuu :p*

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