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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


"Ayu, jgn lupa tgk spice girls return ari ni, 7.30pm ntv7"

I got this sms from Ami in the wee hours of Monday but since Dgon was with me, it didn't register much with me, at first..

Then, when I got to school, Ami, my old and 'bestest' buddy, was online so we had a long talk about our lives and all that. with her, I always feel as if I'm 13 again. The giggling and whisperings don't make us look like 27-year-olds and I was reluctant to stop chatting with her at 5.30 but since I had promised to send Dgon along with her sister and brother to the bus station, I had to cut our 3-hour conversation short (short?).

Anyway, when I got back home, I realized I was about to iftar alone as my housemate was still at her hometown. I plonked myself in front of the tv after Maghrib prayers and begun to dig into my Zinger when I switched on the said program Ami had asked me to watch.

Since I was still quite engrossed in my burger, I didn't realize I was singing along with the Spice Girls hahah..

You see, on Monday I had written about my love for one of the first boy bands, BSB.. I guess I forgot to mention, I was also into girl power hehehe.. Those were the chart toppers during my schooling years and since I was still a teenager, of course I loved them and their bubblegum and candy cane tunes.

Spice Girls was actually Ami and Ezrin's fav group but somehow, they managed to rope me into the gazillion fans of Spice Girls. In fact, fyi, I have won Spice Girl contests 2 or 3 times. Mostly I won CDs. Once it was their Spice Up Your Life single and another time it was their full album (which I had sadly lost when I had moved from my old rented house to my current one). I also won their stickers and the so-called limited edition (It was ALSO sold in Sunshine.. duh!!! Limited edition la sangaaaaat!) Impulse body spray (2 cans, mind you!).

During this time, as president of the English Society, I was responsible in the Youth Quake (remember that paper from NST for teens?) subscription for the school, kununnye to help the students in their english. Well, we subscribed to Star or NST, compulsary for each class but which teenanger ACTUALLY reads those page to page? Okay², I actually read NST page to page at home, but that was the geek me! So, Youth Quake was our answer to that :) However, imagine my embarassment when almost the whole school, teachers included (we have a very small student body, around 600 students and 40 teachers only, if my mind serves me correctly!), noticed MY name in the Spice Girls contest results!!! Haha, my name is kinda unique so I can't pretend it was someone else AND I was the one responsible for the subscription. Oooohhh, sangat malu! A role model I turned out to be, huh hahaha..

Well, that was a 10-years-ago incident :) And I still smile when I remember how I avoided my teachers' (especially Mrs Phun, our society advisor AND my english teacher!) gaze for weeks!

And yes, I still find those old Spice Girls songs as one of my favourites.. proven when I could sing along to all songs (except their new single) in that show haha :)

So yeay! Go boy bands and girl power, huh!!! (Sheeshhh, now I'd rather be caught dead than admit THAT hahahahah..!)

Anyway, on a totally different note..

I got a Christmas present yesterday! Well, technically, its supposed to be my birthday (?) present.. a two-year-old birthday present hahah! Two years ago, my friend Long, wanted to give me a birthday present. He even told me he had bought this teddy bear for me but didn't now how to send it. I always told him it was ok, its the thought that counts but once in a while, he'd talk about the still-kept birthday present.

Last week, he told me his sister was in town so he'd give it to his sister. I had already forgotten about it and told him to forget it. Well, actually it was because I'm not really comfortable with people I don't know and I had NEVER talked to Long during my undergraduate years when we were still coursemates. He was in this group that I kinda avoided (not because they were bad or something, but mostly because I was a quiet and shy girl then <--okay, my new friends might NOT believe this hahah!) and towards our final year, they liked to tease me a bit with this guy in their group. So its only now that I sorta chat with him. But then, I still think I'd avoid meeting him (or the other guys in his group) coz somehow, with my old friends, I'm still a bit of the timid girl. Anyway, I also didn't want his sister to think that there was something going on between us (which Long told me she eventually did.. duh!!) so I didn't really want her to come here just to give me the gift.

Still, she came.. and I got my gift! A teddy bear which turned out to be a pretty light purple bracelet.. and I love it! Most of my new (READ: new=post-bachelors degree, old=pre-bachelors degree) friends know I love bracelets (thus resulting me getting thoughtful suprise gifts from them when its not my birthday like the one Remy gave me when he went for his second honeymoon -a bracelet I'm wearing right now!- and the silver princess-crown bracelet Ana gave me recently as well a this cute pink one given by Yun) but the old ones (except Dayah who always bought me bracelets whenever she went anywhere even during our undergraduate years) don't really know so I was kinda suprised.. but I love it! Mekasih Long :)

And ooohhh, forgot to tell you. I had also got a raya gift recently, from Farah. Heheh, she had gone to Padang Besar with her family recently and when she came back, she suprised me during my tuition class by giving me this three-chains-of-stone kinda bracelet. My students ooohh and aaahh at the shiny object since they were in class at that time.. and yes, I love this too! Thank you, Farah! :)

Mama said to me when I showed Farah's bracelet to her, "Suke beno your friends bagi gelang ye.."

And I told her, "Nak buat camne, my friends love me.. hahaha.." <--perasan gile!

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