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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sign from up above?

Ok.. I've never been a believer in horoscopes but I read mine whenever I come across it. Sometimes its a source of amusement to me, but since we know the horoscope is usually very 'universal', I sometimes take the advice to heart.

It so happened, a few days ago (maybe because of my menses) I was overly-sensitive, I merajuk with a friend of mine. Lets call this person 'Friend'. It was nothing really, just something Friend said or did (don't really remember.. thats the problem with my kinda merajuk, I usually forget about it the next day hahah..) that made me think Friend didn't trust me enough.

Anyway, I was suddenly not in the mood to talk with anyone but since I was still chatting with someone, I just made myself invisible. Somehow, something I did during the course of the night hurt Friend so Friend in turn merajuk with me (though I didn't know it yet!)

The next day, while driving to Kulim, I had a long talk with myself (cam org gile sket) and realized how childish I was acting. I mean, I'm too sensitive that even little things seem so big to me so I thought that I'd make up to Friend and go talk to Friend when I went back to the campus. However, I noticed that Friend seemed to be avoiding me and it was then that I realized that maybe Friend was also merajuking with me.

That night, I wanted so badly to go talk with Friend. The whole time during my tuition class, I was trying to come up with topics of conversations haha.. But when I arrived, I noticed that Friend wasn't in his/her cube. Somehow, this made me feel more certain that Friend was avoiding me but I waited anyway..

Then I opened My Yahoo! just to look through the cartoons and my horoscope when lo and behold, a horoscope not-exactly-like-this-but-close greeted me:

Don't take it personally whatever anyone's action are against you today . In fact, a good everyday advice is: you shouldn't really take anything personally. Not everything is done on purpose. Of course, you need to experience your feelings. But just do it once. Try not to hold on and linger in feeling bad or hurt. Let go of your suffering. Get over your misery and move on.

Ok, I don't remember the real wordings and the whole advice but it struck me close to home. I mean, I took Friends action personally when it all might have been a misunderstanding on my part. I felt so stupid for being hurt of nothing and I really wanted to go talk to Friend like I always did before doing my work. Besides, the next day was the day of our weekly ritual, something I always look forward to every week and I was already regreting the fact that I might have to do it alone, the next day. I suddenly felt a great need to go talk with Friend but Friend never came..

That night, my last thought before I slept was of how such a bad friend I was.

When I woke up, I noticed a message on my mobile. I was a bit suprised to find a mesage from friend. Apparantly, Friend didn't feel comfortable merajuk with me (this was what confirmed my suspiscion of Friend's merajuk with me) and wanted to make things like they used to, even asked if I still wanted to go on with our weekly ritual. I wasn't suprised when Friend told me about his/her merajuk with me, though I was a bit confused on why.. still, it made me smile and laugh a little.. Haha, I might sound cruel, but it was so cute knowing Friend wanted to merajuk, but cancelled it in the end, no wonder I was smiling. Besides, smiles and laughter is a great way to start the day, dontcha think?

We had a good talk and I think we understand each other a bit more better now. I told Friend about the horoscope I read and promised to show the entry to him/her.

However, I've spent the whole morning trying to find it. I've gone through the archives for the horoscope up until 2 weeks ago but still can't find it.. and I'm sure I read it a lot of times that night, while I regretted what I had felt that night! I mean, that horoscope made me realize my mistake AND IT's MISSING!

Told Friend about it just now and you know what Friend said?

God works in mysterious ways!

Friend, you know who you are and know what? I agree with you!

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