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Monday, April 24, 2006

My sis..

Abah came to see Ikram yesterday, and since USMKKj and PLP is not really that far, he called and asked if he could see me (???) Don't ask why, if you don't already know, coz that just means you're not supposed to know, anyway!

I already knew he was coming when Ikram text me earlier in the morning and was ready to switch off my phone until I realized how bad I was behaving. So I half-heartedly waited for him to call, but was a bit surprised when he ASKED if he could see me.

Well, frankly, though we have our moments (that occur more frequently than not), I miss him. And I feel guilty when he asked if he could see me, as if he does not have the right to see us.. Ayu sangat jahat here! :(

Not that I'm already comfortable with my stepmum, but I'm accepting it and the both of us know we are trying. And maybe, just maybe, she's not really that bad after all.. Maybe, we just need a chance to get to know each other. Besides, I have my sister to think of too hehe..

Aaaahhh.. I like the sound of it.. SISTER! Once there were two, now there are three of us (though the age differance of 25 years with me and 16 years with Izati is quite overwhelming!). Even till now, I can't ever get over the excitement of having a(nother) younger sibling.

I love her.. I love her.. I love her.. I love her.. I love her!

And so does Izati, Ikram and Iskandar! Err, Adi, I'm not quite sure but he sure looked happy the last time he met her.. and Iwan has never even seen this sister of his.. but I'm sure he'll be crazy over her just like the rest of us..

Yeah.. I love her!

And it sure helps a lot that Abah has become so much more reachable (betoi ka eja ni?) after the arrival of his 7th(?) child <--Naughty Ayu, trying to be sarcastic, are you?

But then again.. I loooooooooooooooooooove her!

And I'm showing her off to all of you, though ade a bit of me innit. Buang skit gambo tu, kakak dia tak lawa ah hahah.. So I present, Nuribtisam Annisa.. or Annisa to me and my siblings.. or Ica to Abah and Umi and Ndar!

And once again.. I love her! Am crazy for her.. and vow to be the best sister ever for her!

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