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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ohhh PFK..!

My car is only three years old, and yet its beginning to 'manja lebih' now..

It started a few days ago. I wanted to go to USM straight from my tuition class but when I wanted to swipe my smartcard at the gate, I found out that my windows could not be rolled down. However, I didn't panic yet and just stopped, opened my door and swiped the card. But then, while driving to the school, I noticed my lights were dim. When I tried to adjust the lights (thinking I had forgotten to fully turn the 'knob' or whatever you may call it), I realized that it wasn't working properly. Then, I noticed that the air cond was suddenly off and it was THEN, that I panicked.

Practically running upstairs, I told Pojie and Husnul about my car and Pojie went down to check on my car. Would you believe it, once he tried to start my car, EVERYTHING was ok.. cettt! Malu pun ade, macam making a fuss outta nothing.. I vowed NEVER to panic like that again!

The next day, all was ok..

But the following night, I promised to take Lie to Parit Buntar since he had things to buy. It was raining and while I was driving (thankfully IN the campus dah masa tu), the windscreen wiper suddenly stopped in its tracks. When I noticed my lights had once again gone dim, and my air cond wasn't working (plus, I tried to push the power window button with nothing happening), I started to panic.. that is until everything was fine again! Though a bit disturbed, I still proceeded with the plan that night.

After coming back from town, I went to the post graduate room to continue with my work and at 2.15am, I decided to call it a day and go home. On my way home, my lights once again buat hal and stupid-o me was smart enough to stop at the side of the road (though thankfully IN my residential area.. I was only a few hundred metres away from my house BUT clever me HAD to stop someplace else!) to check on the lights and (dunno why I did it) the engine!

After feeling satisfied that nothing was wrong, I went in my car and started the ignition.

Nothing happened!

Panic la lagi kan! It was 2.30am and I was all alone with images of bad peoples lurking around in my mind. My car was in the middle of the road and I don't think I could push it all alone to the safe side of the road. Quickly locking myself in my car, I quickly tried to think of WHO I could call. My first thought was my brother, Pojie but then I remembered he had just gone home that afternoon. Sape lagi eh?

I was about to give up, when I remembered Remy. Haha, and to think that just a little more than two hours earlier, I had jokingly told him that I've grown bored seeing his face everyday.. dengan malunya, I called him. Good thing my phone had just been reconnected after being blocked for the last week and a half (sekse ooo bile tak leh gune your mobile phone!)

The 15-minute wait was filled with me trying to start up the engine, but with no success. When Remy finally arrived, I was at the point of exasperation. He and his friend pushed my car while I navigated the steering and of all things, when Remy tried to start up the engine, IT WAS OK! Bengong nye keter..!!!! But by then, my lights, wiper, window and aircond refused to cooperate completely..

Remy and his friend escorted me home and advised me to go to the workshop the next day, just to check my battery. Boy, was it hot, driving without the aircon and unable to roll down the windows. And to top it all off, it wasn't the battery, but something else about the connection apemendentah!

Anyway, my car's ok now.. just a minor glitch that need minor repairs.. but without them, I wouldn't know how to go back and forth to my tuition centre at night WITHOUT lights, and aircond. Dah la orang lain gune kete manual, and I'm only confident using automatic ones so nak pinjam keter pun tak bleh..


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