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Sunday, February 12, 2017

When You Need To Do What's Best For Your Heart..

Tell me your story
Things that are true
Let me in on those secrets
Let me know the real you

Tell me your fears
What keeps you awake
We'll chase them away together
Whack and beat them till they break

Tell me your sorrows
That cling to your heart
We'll untangle them, we'll free them
Separate them, keep them apart

Tell me your grief
What breaks you deep inside
We'll put the pieces back together
You can trust me, you can confide

Tell me your dreams
Those precious gems you hold on to
I'll believe in them, protect them
And help you make them all come true

I'd shared this on FB after a few days of writing and rewriting. I've never been the play-with-words kinda of student but nowadays I get fascinated with them, thus, my amateur attempts at ringing them together to form things like this.

The first verse came to me like it was already in my head (which I'm praying it really was. Don't really want to be accused of plagiarism, do I?). I would have left it at that if it didn't remind me of someone. So I tried to make it longer, and somehow, other people came into mind too..

When I say other people, I don't really mean that I'm already this kind of friend. What I mean is I WANT to be this kind of friend to them, just as they had been for me at my times of need.. Even when I didn't know that I needed them.. and I hope that one day I'd be given the chance to be so :)

What has been nagging me for a few days is that, the person who I had first thought of suddenly, after months of silence, contacted me to give some thought on what I had written. No, I'm not annoyed, far from that. I'm always afraid of being criticized but I really welcome it from these people who I know are sincere. It's just that I felt it was kind of irony that this person wanted to share some thought on something I had written for this said individual. I didn't even know how to respond except say thanks (when I would've liked to say so many other things too :( )

It makes me a bit sad that now I don't know how to be comfortable around this person anymore..

I don't think I'll ever be able to get back to how things were until I learn to control these unexplainable (is this even a word?) feelings and to stop questioning the 'whys' that have been messing around in my head these past few months but I know one day I will :) 

*cross fingers*

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