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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stupidity Strikes Again!

HEART: A hairline fracture was discovered around the heart recently. The fracture might not have been noticed if feelings had not been seen leaking through the tearducts in the past few days.

Investigation has uncovered that the fracture has actually been around for almost 2 weeks or so. However, denial and pretending-everything-was-ok were the culprits that hid the pain before. It was also discovered that the initial point of fracture was due to something else but it was not treated in time before the second heavy blow came crashing towards it about a week ago. Experts are not sure on how long it would take to rectify the situation as current measures taken do not seem to have any effect.

"I don't know what happened. I've been so careful in the past few years. I may have put my guard down in the past months but I was sure that I'd taken extra measures to take care of the heart," says the guardian of the heart when asked for her comment on the situation.

The wall surrounding the heart had crumbled a few weeks prior due to unforeseeable and unexpected circumstances. Experts believe this damage was the reason the blow could even come in contact with the heart as these walls were the first line of defense in protecting it.

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