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Friday, November 25, 2016

Half a Woman? Pt 1

I have something messing up with my mind for the past few days. I managed to shush them up by immersing myself in my books but today I just don't feel like reading. I tried taking a nap only to find myself feeling more upset (why?) Then I remembered this blog.. and how I've been meaning to write about what happened to me almost 2 months ago so here goes..

Wednesday, 28 September 2016
I was fasting that day. Tak abis qada lagi and was trying to finish it that particular week. I'd had a heavy sahur that morning (my usual habit. Iftar is usually lighter, sahur mmg heavy biasanye for the past few years) so I didn't expect to be hungry. Lagipun dah few days puasa by then so perut dah biasa.

Come noon, I was playing a game on the pc when I felt slight pain in the right side of my abdomen. It felt like what we'd call as 'angin' so I ignored it at first but it kept getting more intense so I lied down for a while in hopes it'd feel better but it didn't. Then I was suddenly overcome with cold sweat (as in menitik giler) and nausea. I barely had time to get to the sink before I threw up. Not sure if I could still puasa, I decided to buka there and then since I still felt a bit nauseated. I only managed to eat a bit of kurma before I started throwing up again and by this time, I was a bit panicked.

I normally don't Google symptoms (after the scare and DRAMA I had last year) but this time I decided to Google. The results were inconclusive which worried me even more to I decided to head to the nearest clinic which, thank God, was just a 5 minute drive from here. Since it was noon, I decided to wait untul after Zohor (which was a good call since lepas tu memang takde masa dah nak solat) so I went to take my noon shower and waited for the prayer call. Dalam solat tu pun I realized something was wrong when every movement hurt. I was reduced to praying while sitting for rakaats 2 till 4.

I drove to the clinic, yang thankfully again was dekaaat sgt dgn umah, with one hand one the steering and the other on my tummy. I was almost doubled up with discomfort but I didn't have anyone else to drive me. Nasib la jalan pun tak ramai org.

I arrived early, 1.45pm camtu kot and they only open at 2pm but the nurse at the front desk took my particulars siap² and asked me to sit. By then I think I was pale enough to cause alarm since a nurse just back from her break took one look at me and ushered me into the examination room. There I threw up again as she examined me and they instantly hooked me up to an iv drip.

The initial examination came up with appendicitis even if some things didn't add up (according to the doctor). She did an ultrasound on my abdomen and said she saw something suspicious too so she added it in the report she was sending along with me to the hospital. I was rushed to Hospital Seberang Jaya by ambulance (even if I was suddenly feeling a bit better - or was that my nerves yang lagi risau terus laaa send signal I was better?)

I arrived at the hospital around 4.30pm camtu kot (which is why I thought nasiiiiibb baik solat dulu tadi) and threw up again in the examination room (after waiting for an hour utk jumpe Dr since mmg ramai orang pun) The Indian Dr (I didn't get her name) was patient as she waited for me to clean up, Dr melayu tu je mcm tak nyempat haha.. Malu kot but I couldn't help myself. Diorg pun confirmkan as appedicitis and told me I had to wait a while before admitted sbb shortage of staff. While waiting je pun 2 bottles of the iv drip diorg tukar since I was already asked to fast pre-op (wpun sebenarnya I didn't realize it pun yet. Pastu I drank this Milo another patient gave me sbb it was almost 9pm then. Padan muka! Terus muntah balik. My tummy pun tau kene puasa kot)

I hadn't planned on telling anyone memula sbb I didn't want to bother them but since I was sehelai sepinggang je from Bukit Panchor, I had to tell my family. Izati and Mama arrived at nearly 10pm, right about the time I was wheeled into the ward so the security guard bg je diorg masuk sekali. They brought some essentials and left a bit later sbb tak boleh lama la kan..

That night I couldn't really sleep but then again 2 kali the night-shift doctor came to take my blood. He told me I was scheduled for tomorrow as soon as cases yang tgh queue up dah selesai. I was feeling much better then pun sebenarnya so I didn't really mind. It was nice talking to the doctor anyway and I guess dia pun nak tahan ngantuk so banyak la cerita dia.

I'll stop now.. Nak mandi tghari jap and maybe I'll sambung nanti..

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