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Friday, November 25, 2016

Half a Woman? Pt 2

Thursday 29 September 2016

I woke up around 5am (tp tatau la nak ckp 'woke up' ke tak since I hardly slept pun). By then the nuse had already given me a new change of errr 'attire' as well as a, nak panggil ape eh, 'urine collector'? After taking a shower and changing, another doctor came up to me. Dr comey hehe.. by name of Dr Imran. He took my history and all before they transferred me into the actual ward (mlm tu tido luar sbb tak cukup tmpt). A while later some doctors made their rounds and I was pretty conscious when they came discussing la ape la. Jenuh buat muka macho :p

Mid morning, Dr Imran came to take some blood sample lagi. Katanya my blood test inconclusive so I surrendered my already bruised arm (I think I have a photo somewhere tp in my phone. Nnt have to figure out how to put it here) Kiri kanan dah lebam cenni but they did it sgt² carefully so am not complaining. Lgpun, I have a suspiscion yg benonye I'm the one who bruises easily..

Then another doctor came who explained the procedure. A chinese one who I can't remember his name sbb jumpe sekali tu je but he was a funny guy and explained just like the way I joked with Izati. I guess its his way to make people relax la kot. He told me he wasn't the one operating on me sbb something along the line of 'not his turn(?)' but he explained dgn detail and even shared on what he'd do if it turned out bukan appendicitis. Ohh, sebelum tu he said, its 80% appendicitis sbb they would never know for sure until they open me up so he told me what they'd do if it wasn't. He also told me they'd try to get me in around noon.

Abah came with Irfan and Imran around 10am, I think but the boys weren't allowed in, maybe because they were too young anyway. Abah brouht along some essentials Umi told him to bring which I'm very thankful for sbb kelam kabut smlm tu, Izati only brought whatever came to her mind (cardigan, towel, socks, charger and a book!). Abah came with a toothbrush and toothpaste yg once he went home je, I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth yg dah almost 24hours not brushed. You never know how uncomfortable it is until you can't brush =D.

However, noon came and went (and I watched everyone else have kurma ayam for lunch and soft, gebu and sugary donuts for tea while I still had to fast) but still no call for me. By this time, I was feeling so much better than the day before and was even considering checking myself out kalau bukan sbb I didn't know the procedure and was too segan-tak-bertempat to ask.

Mama and Izati arrived late afternoon and stayed for a while. Still no news of my surgery and still couldn't eat. I only watched Izati eat je sbb she was hungry and hadn't managed to get her lunch tengahari tu.

That night I read the new book Izati brought me (also a magazine Umi told Abah to give me since she knew I'd be bored jugak). Lights off was early sbb most patients dah nak tido dah lepas Isya tu and I was left with nothing to do. I had switched off my data to save battery but switched it back on out of boredom and was glad I did as I had a friend to talk to. I hadn't really told anyone about this since I thought it was a simple appendix procedure so mcm malu la nak heboh² sangat.

Ok, I think I want to stop for a while. I feel like I need to cook something.. Pelik² la Ayu ni arini..

Am still upset.. :'(

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