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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bookworm strikes again..?!?

This is a 'basi' kinda entry which I just realized I hadn't updated (as with a few more I just noticed haha.. ape ni Ayu, kate blog ni memoir utk diri sendiri tp cemmane nak ingat sumer bende klau tak mo update blog?!)

Well, a few months ago, when my cousin Dayang got married in Klang, me and Mama along with Iskandar went there la, of course. Usually, I wouldn't have the time to go to kenduris during the school term as I had my 'everyday-except-Sundays classes'. However, due to the accident, I was carless, thus classless and with free time on my hand so when Mama asked if I wanted to go, musti la sy mau ikut!

The kenduri was a blast with almost the whole extended family there (except for Ayah Yeop and Mak Yong). Even my nephews and nieces were all there (except anak Abg Lan la whom would've come klau ade Ayah Yeop ☺) and we had a good time especially when my cousins bullied the DJ towards the end of the kenduri. That night pun we cousins went to Wan Diah's to help with the clean-up and we still had a good time being a family.

The next day, we went to meet Adi and Ana at AmCorp Mall to give them some things (the wedding cake and extra goodies courtesy of Wan Diah and Dayang) and Izati introduced me to BookXcess. In Penang, we only have Popular and what-la-the-name-of-that-bookstore-in-QB? I'm sure we don't even have MPH, though once upon a time ago, we DID have Times and Arthurs Bookstore. Well, this one for the commercial bookstores la, second hand bookstore dah ade yg I baru kenal, courtesy of Shahnaz, the night after the Hard Rock Hotel stay I wrote about months ago *Thanx Shahnaz*

Anyway, my first impression was.. well, I was actually speechless!

True, it wasn't THAT big, but it was full of books. However, it wasn't the number of books that rendered me speechles, it was the PRICES! Giler murah ok.. I could go all crazy in here if I only had the money hahah..

And dalam takde duit tu, I still managed to grab these books..

..with prices are as can be seen. Giler murah kan.. and 3 of those were hardcovers!

There were many more books that I wanted tp my purse gave me a warning by showing how 'slim' it is! Hehe..

Anyway, another unique thing was the receipts. I was confused on why my purchase had this very long recepit. Perli ka? I only bought 5 books (the last book mntk tlg Adi byr kt kaunter coz I was embarrassed to go sekali lagi kat counter) but the recepit was like I had bought so much more.

To my pleasant surprise, the bottom part of the recepit were actually stories/poems sent by people. I was impressed.. a few weeks later, after a bout of insomnia, I decided to open the website and send my own entry, just for the sake of sending je pun. Didn't expect anything coz it wasn't anything I had written after deep thought ke ape ke, just something I had thought of outta the blue last year after yet another bout of insomnia and self-pity.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when a few weeks after that, I received an email saying my entry was among the top 4 for that round of selection. Yippie!!! I wrote about it here while the entry I sent can be found here.

And since I was having a hard time then, this small piece of good news felt like the news of the century to me.. and I was smiling like crazy while telling my Adi and Izati about it hehe..

I wasn't sure I could go pick up the prize though but as luck had it, Dr Mail asked if I'd go to the exhibition in KL. Still ,then pun I wasn't expecting much since we were busy but on the last night, Rashid took us there. I was a bit afraid since I hadn't bought the printed email along as I thought we'd be busy doing something else then but they askled for my IC, and voila, the next minute, the envelope containing my prize was in my hand.

True, the prize was only an RM20 book voucher but at BookXcess, that could mean TWO books.. or 10 children books which I regretfully only found after I'd already paid. Hey, they were the Mr Men books, my favourite when I was small tau! Heheh..

Ohh.. I also received a BookXcess bookmark along with this weaved boomark using Pandan leaves <-- Ok, sini sy wat pandai, mentang² la dia tulis Pandanus. The more logical side of me is saying its like daun mengkuang or something sturdier like that. And this was what I got..

Hmm.. So I admit, I was going for quantity here rather than quality kot but in my defense, my current favourite authors books were either out of stock or unavailable (Ohh.. where art thou, Jodi Picoult?) or I already had them. I don't normally go for Ms Steels books (and I now have a stronger reason why since I only kinda like ONE of those two books) ad the ONLY book she had I liked is Johnny Angel, buku dia paling nipis kot. Her other books seem to run around the same issue of org² kaya ditimpa masalah.. kinda like Malay soap operas actually.. oppsss.. I found that The Wedding was also like that I couldn't wait to finish it.. But The Ghost was quite okay la.. <--Hmm, why la both of her books yg I find ok mesti libatkan hantu?!?!

So there, at least ujung² tahun ni, I have something to be happy about, kan ☺

Ohh.. almost forgot! The adik who was manning the counter, when she noticed me using the voucher, she asked, "Ni Ayu Ikhwani kan?" (Okay, I know la, not my actual name pun) Well, NOT because I'm now a famous author ke ape ke.. but because I was the only Malay yg got the prize haha.. know what she did for me? She kindly made sure that on my receipt was my entry (normally you get them randomly je). Yeay! Mesti la sy nak tp mesti la malu nak saje² mntk kan.. so thanx you adik jage counter BookXcees heheh..


Ana Azhana : Freelance Make-Up Artist said...

Eh macam mana adik yg jaga kat kaunter tu tau nama ayu? wahh gelemer kakak ipar saya hihi

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Haha.. Ana, bkn sbb glamer.. tp sbb melayu sorg je yg menang heheh..