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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Pie Entry

I'd actually done this in May this year and had excitedly taken pictures of the process doing something I haven't done in years. However, the excitement disappeared the very next day when my world suddenly felt like crashing down (Yup! Thats the drama queen in me speaking!).. and continued to deteriorate, making me do things I wish I hadn't done (like cutting my hair too short for my liking)

Well, today is actually one of those days that remind me of what had happened (indirectly la kot.. ke bleh categorize as directly ye?) that has somehow changed my December and though, yes, I'm still upset and feeling like its a bit worse today, I decided to just write about this anyway.

So here's the chicken pie I did those months back.. and I'm actually thinking of making another one since Puga is now no longer a vegetarian after 'membayar her nazar' for the past 9 years ☺

Actually, I'd already bought the pie tins last year but never had the time to really sit down and make a proper pie since I'm the type who likes to make it from scratch, pastry and all. Somehow, I found the time to make it one day.. and to my delight, even all the ingredients were readily available in the kitchen so there was no reason for me to NOT do it kan?

First I made the filling. I just sauteed some onions and then used cut-up chicken thighs I had initially bought for some laksa Sarawak, Shiitake mushrooms, boiled potatoes and mixed vegetables. I seasoned it a bit with some odds and ends I found in the kitchen (mcm menakutkan la pulak bile ckp camtu.. like just mix in ANYTHING I find la plak kan hehe..)..

Then I made the short crust pastry I used to do when I was smaller. Still had to recheck the recipe for the measurement of the ingredients la kan sbb dah ala² lupe skit. I found that I still enjoy making the dough.. its kinda therapeutic, if you know what I mean. Then I rolled it our and 'moulded' it into the pie tin without greasing coz the pastry pun dah kinda ok kan ☺

Ok, I prefer baking the bottom part of the pastry first as my pies usually turn out a bit too 'soft' and oily if I just bake it with the filling trus (though I've seen people bake trus and giler cantik je jadinye.. magic!) so I weighed it down with some kacang hijau. Wanted to find the heavier red beans tp kedai sini takde jual la pulak.

After baking for 15 minutes camtu, I took out the pie tin and used a spoon to scoop out the hot beans. Beans tu memang tak bleh gune dah, even for bubur so I kept it for later use.. kot la nak buat pie lagi kan <--macam rajin!

Then you just isi the filling made earlier ☺

And the next part is the one I don't really like, covering the pie. My problem is, my trimmings mmg tak cantik hahaha.. I just press the pastry together je. When I was smaller, I used to be a bit more rajin. you know, making the trimmings cantik skit. Like covering with plaits ke, the jambul² thingey ke ape ke.. tp beso² ni mcm sgt malas kot.

Then, after the second baking.. tadaaaa~~

Ok la.. Not really the yummiest pie on earth, tp boleh la nak makan and habiskan dengan senang hati.

(Err, ok la, tipu.. sebenonye dah anto ke org sbb tau tak larat nak abiskan sensorg kaaann hehe..)

Damn.. still feeling upset balik.. haiyaaaa~~


Ana Azhana : Freelance Make-Up Artist said...

Ayu!! sedapnya!!! nanti nak kena belajar buat lah.. ehehe

Dah lama tak datang blog ayu.. huhu

HIDA HADI said...

ayu .. lepas ni leh antar sket kt saya ye ... sy dah nak pindah ke area sana ... sy dpt ngajar SMK jawi ...

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ana: Oppss.. haha.. aritu dah wat kan utk Ana ngan Adi mase Mama gi KL aritu.. last minute je wat, siap suh Mama, Ikram ngan Iskandar tunggu sbb nak wat gak suh diorg bwk hehe..

Dayah: Wahhh.. seryes! Belh la jumpe.. student sy pun ramai gak dr skola tu.. awak ajo form brape ni nnt?

nnisa azizan said...

nak recipe die .. sedapnyeee

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Nisa: Tu sy dah tulis sekali ngan narration kot.. tp sy tulis skali lagi..

Yg inti dia, sy just masak dulu pieces of chicken ngan stock ayam skit and black pepper skit.. then tambah je mixed vege n cendawan nak kasik variety =)

Yg pastry plak, sy tatau nak bg actual measurement.. tp tepung gandum tu dlm 2-3 cawan kot.. then rub in margerine and shortening smpi jadik cam breadcrumbs. Margerine baper tatau.. dlm secawan kot tp bile awak dpt cam breadcrumbs, ok dah tu =) Then masukkan air sejuk.. yg mmg baru kuar fridge nye sejuk.. buh skit² utk jadikan dia dough. Then awak just roll kan je utk masukkan dlm pie pan =)

Try la, mmg senang.. n puas ati bile kite wat from scratch =)

Oh lupe.. awak nak wat ayam tu perase kari² pun boleh.. ala cam SR nye heheh..