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Friday, November 11, 2011

In the (E)mail today..

Hi Ayu Ikhwani,

Your receipt story (
I wish..) has been selected to be published in BookXcess cash sales receipts. It will be printed on our receipts from 12th November 2011 until 4th December 2011. On top of that, you also received RM 20 voucher (valid until 31st December 2011), Pandanus bookmark and BookXcess Bookmark as a token of appreciation. There are 4 winning entries from our 24th round of selection and your story will be printed on our receipts randomly throughout the period as mentioned earlier.
Kindly reply this email with your particulars (Story title, Full Name, I.C Number and Phone number) for our reference within 3 days starting from 12th November 2011 until 14th November 2011. The prize will be invalid for redemption if we do not receive your verification via email together with your details.

The voucher can be redeemed from 15th November 2011 until 4th December 2011 at the BookXcess Customer Service counter by presenting a printout of this email and your I.C for verification.
Thank you.
The BookXcess Team
L3-60 Amcorp Mall
18 Persiaran Barat
46050 Petaling Jaya


along nordin said...

story apa Kak Ayu?

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Alaaa.. bkn story pun.. dia bg anto ape² pun asal less than 100 words.. akak anto yg ade bende akak penah publish kat blog ni rasenye =)

Saje ngade je ni copy paste hahaha

Drama Mama said...

haa betul story apa ayu? eh btw dia nak print ur story at the receipts? camna tu tak paham?