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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A birthday wish.. belated one, that is!

This is a very late entry, if you ask me. Its to compensate on a late birthday wish to a dear ol' friend of mine..

..and by ol', I actually MEAN old! Hahaha..

Ok.. sgt tak sedar diri memandangkan I'm 8 months older than her hehe..

Sowi Baiii.. You know kan I've NEVER forgotten your birthday.. always nak lawan with Amin sape wish you first. This year of course la I remembered (tho admittedly, awal bulan aritu had to recheck the exact date sbb takut salah) and of course la I wanted to beat Amin to it but my phone was barred.. uwaaaaa~~

Seryes rase tak sedap duduk coz not only can't I use my phone, I was outta internet access so couldn't wish you online jugak. Only arrived home around Maghrib and wrote on your FB was ASAP wpun I knew I was among the last to wish.. Sorry sgt!

But I have to admit how much you made me smile with your text to me about 'waiting' hahahah.. Its things like this that make me NOT wanna forget your birthday tauuuu.. coz I know you appreciate it!

Nway, I found this on FB just now..

..and it reminded me of her so I decided to use it as a tribute to her belated birthday wish ni.

When I was in form 2, Abah was in the PTA committee and as usual, he'd take over the motivational programmes for the exam classes. Being in form 2 meant I still had a year before my PMR but Abah being Abah, forced me to join my seniors in those programmes.

It terrified me as I wasn't exactly someone everyone knew in school.. kang ade yg pandang serong je tgk budak form 2 dlm program tu kan? Besides that, I was a bit too shy and timid so I was dreading the weekend, knowing I'd be all alone.

I told Baizurah about it and was almost in tears as I talked to her. You see, the week before was the first part of the program and I had a bad experience with a senior who wanted to take me under her wing and treated me like a pet.. err, in a way an all-girls school could do and I didn't like it coz after that the senior kept pestering me to be her pet sister and all that. I was horrified! Baizurah just sat there, listened and sympathized but it made me feel better..

..and she surprised me by appearing in the program that weekend!

Only God knew how relieved I was to see her smiling face amidst the (frightening.. er, at least then la!) seniors!

And she sat with me throughout the whole weekend so I wasn't alone (or avoiding that certain senior).. yeay! Made me love her even more!

So here's to one of the special friends whom you can leave for so long (form 4 till after we got our degrees kottt) but pick up right where you left once you meet them again!

Happy birthday, Sentot! <--Jgn harap la sy nak benti panggil awak camtu =p

In accordance to my chubbiness, I hereby announce that I'm officially cuter than you!


Drama Mama said...

Hahahaha...u know wht..that night both u and amin wasn't the d first to wish. Amin wished wayyyy earlier so technically I felt like u both 'neglected' me that night haha!

But seriously..I knew in my heart u'd nvr fail to rmmbr my bday tho I always mix up urs! That's why I love u OLD OLD buddy :-p

Thanks for this entry. I almost cry out loud reading this...yeah ur emotional friend. :-p

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hey.. who you calling emotional? Haha.. same je kan. God knows why he made us friends heheh..

Nway.. haiyaaaa, had I known Amin dah wish awal, I would've try jugak sedaye upaye to wish you that night. public phone pun public phone la.. that way, at least for once i'd feel I'm better than Amin.. I wish la kan heheh..