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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Viva forever hahah..

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *nail biting*

I went out with budak kecik yesterday, in hopes of laughing out loud catching the Flushed Away movie. Then we'd meet up with Helmi and watch The Departed. Well, that was the plan anyway.. to have a great time! But..

As we arrived at Megamall, my phone beeped indicated a received message. Since I was still talking to budak kecik, I didn't really read the message clearly until we got outta the car. It was from abg Fadzil and it said: Hang viva 21hb ni. Good luck hehe..

I instantly called abg Fadzil, half hoping it was a joke since everyone knows I'm complaining about my viva but he confirmed it.

Aiyak! I was just 'complaining' to Dr Meor yesterday about my viva which I haven't heard a word about it and today.. tadaaaaa!

So now, I'm waiting for Dr Wan to discuss about my viva... waaaaaaaaa, why do I sudddenly feel as if I'm not ready for it?

Well, I'll just keep my fingers crossed x(^-^)x

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