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Monday, November 20, 2006

Horocope of the day

The Bottom Line
Your calm demeanor is valuable. Resist the urge to get caught up in any drama.

In Detail
You will be the calm center of the storm today -- while everyone around you will be driven completely by their emotions. Luckily, you know how to stay focused and stay on task. Your cool, calm demeanor is a valuable asset today, so resist the urge to get caught up in the drama unfolding all around you. Keeping an objective viewpoint isn't always easy, but doing so is definitely necessary right now. Remind everyone that taking things personally will only frustrate them.

Waaahh! Calmnyeeeeeee la Ayu sekarang hehe.. I was going through my Friendster page and as usual, I always read the horoscope. Nope, not that I believe in them, but if you notice, most of the time, horoscopes give out safe advices. I mean, somewhat like 'universal' advices about things that happen to EVERYONE and NOT only the people under the particular sign.

Thats why I read them.

Well, I have to admit, sometimes I get carried away with them, especially when they give out specific advices for certain occasions that coincidently is happening but most of the time, I just take the advice. And btw, I DO KNOW its coincidence, I'm a Muslim la..

Sometimes, horoscopes amuse me with their content.. for instance, this one!

..calm demeanor?

..calm centre of the storm? know how to stay focused and stay on the task?

Hahah.. what a laugh!! Tomorrow, at this exact hour, I'd be in the dean's room trying to defend my thesis while trying to make sure I don't pass out as I usually feel whenever I talk in front of an audience.. AND my mind is going in a hundred thousand whirlwinds in my head andI keep thinking of something else OTHER than my viva..

You call that calm and focused??!!!?

Yeah, at least I got a laugh this morning :)

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