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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just came back from the office. I wanted to go meet kak Ros and get the thesis status verification form.

Upon arriving at the office, I was greeted with a great smile from kak Ros as she congratulated me on my viva. I found myself smiling back and telling her the details of my viva hehe.. yeah! I still smile when I think of it. However..

Kak Ros suddenly asked me, why do I look so sad?


I was SMILING remember!

I just said, I'm happy and NOT sad.. but then she commented that my smile wasn't my usual smile with my eyes smiling too and that my laughter sounded forced. I wanted to deny it at first, when I suddenly felt this lump form in my throat and my eyes starting to get all hot. Truth is, I really wanted to cry then..

Knowing kak Ros would understand, I just said that I didn't have any answer for it and that the questions were making me sad. Luckily, Dr Taksiah came towards us at that time to congratulate me too so I was saved from crying right there.

I dunno.. I just don't understand whats going through my mind right now!

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