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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Me and my BIG car

I am mad! Am so mad.. I really wanna run over something! You see, there's this Atos right in front of me, hogging the speed lane. Doesn't the Atos realize, I'm bigger and better than it is?

Huh.. as expected, the driver is a girl, judging from the tudung I can barely see from my view here. And I'm sure she's short too as I can't really see the top of her head from here.. and as you can see, my car is a whole lot bigger than hers. Why doesn't the driver realize that she's just a puny ant when compared to my BIG and BETTER car?

I came upon her right outta the Bertam toll. She must've been mad to go right in front of me while I was speeding. I mean, c'mon, your car can't really speed could it? I was driving at 160km/hr and I had to slow down to 120km/hr when she started to get in front of me.. and she doesn't wanna budge.

That's why I'm mad! I can't even pass her through the other lane as its full with cars..

I know.. I know, I'm gonna tail gate her. Switch on my high beam and drive right behind her. for sure she'd get the message, right????
Argggghh.. she didn't, she's still in front of me.

Gosh.. do I see her laughing in front of me? Now I'm madly pssed off!!!!

#$%@&* Her puny car is really getting on my nerves. Doesn't she realize my car is bigger than hers and she has to follow MY LAWS where it states: All small cars must be afraid of my car! It doesn't matter than I'm speeding over the limit, I'm big and I can do anything I wanna do!!!

Ooo good, the toll gates right in front of us.. I'll definitely lose her here!

Hey, whats this? For the love of God.. how come she's right in front of me here? No small car should be allowed to use the smart tag. Only BIG cars like mine should be permitted to use them.

Well, since she's been obeying the speed just now, let me overtake her here. Only 90km/hr is allowed here so I can surely overtake her.

But whats this? Can you believe this driver?? She's delibrately not letting me overtake her! She driving her car matching my speed. Hah!!! Your car would be knocked out in no time, you puny whatchamacallit! And to think that of all days, today the other lane is FULL with cars?!

Gotta take over her before the Juru toll gate or I'll be stuck right behind her again. Hmmm, lemme try the high beam trick agai.. see if she's intimidated by me.

%^&*#@ SHE'S NOT!!!!

And what the %$^&! She's right in front of me again in this smart tag lane. I AM SOOOO MAD that I'M FORGETTING I HAVE MY WIFE AND KIDS WITH ME HERE, IN MY CAR!

And just look at that! She's off again, speeding right at the limit and I still can't overtake her! Even my high beam doesn't scare her and tailgating her makes her slow down that I just have to slam my brakes.

Arrrrrggghhhh, I'm sooooooooo MAD!

But hey, look at this! She's signalling to the left. She must wanna exit at Jawi. THANK GOD!!!

And yeah, good riddance of you and your ATOS!

*Haha.. this is an imaginary 'voice-in-my-head' composed by me and Izati while we had this four wheel drive behind us on the highway. I mean, he had his family in the car with him but he was speeding tak ingat dunia. Aparaaaa.. then he kept giving me his high beam and tail gating me. Unlucky for him, I WAS in my reckless mood, eventhough Izati was with me (Hey! I'm only reckless when I'm confident hahaha.. so its not really reckless <--alasan!!!) Well, that'll teach him never to mess with me hahah*

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