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Sunday, August 27, 2006

School Holiday Syndrome

Haha.. Baizurah sent me an sms yesterday, claiming my blog was in such a state of 'habukness'! Aiyak mak cik, takde idea maaaa..

Anyway, as I was trying to force my brain to come up with something to write about, I suddenly remembered a question raised to me a few weeks ago.

"Ayu, ape makne sindrom cuti sekolah tu?"

Which was followed by another question a few days ago.

"Kak Ayu ni suke kate sindrom cuti sekolah.. ape tu?"

Hehe.. boleh la jadik satu entry, kaaan?!?

Lets see..

Time when this syndrom attacks
As the name suggests, it only occurs during the school holidays, but can also start within two weeks before the holidays and end after two weeks after the holidays. But sometimes it prolongs into months that it'll only stop once the syndrom becomes a battlefield between you and the other person involved! It doesn't have a specific period of the day (morning, afternoon bla.. bla..) but it is sometimes most severe during night time and in the afternoon (when there is a kenduri going on!)

Who it attacks
Mostly people who are single or are unmarried. But sometimes it happens to married people and will end up with comments such as, "I was dreaming of you last night" or "I dunno why I can't forget you!". Duhhhhhhhh.. maybe you don't try hard enough, la mangkuk! Or maybe you're just being a pervert (hambik ngkau!)

You get delusional, thinking you're 'in love' with someone, when in reality, you're just feeling this way coz you're watching all your friends getting hitched. Then you start acting outta character like talking all nonsense and spinning so many fairytales, you don't remember the original version you had created. And no matter how hard you get knocked in the head, you won't really return to you normal state yet! Then you tell your mutual friends unbelievable stories which btw, they sometime BELIEVE, thus making other person involved try to avoid these friends, just in case they think she/he needs a brainwash.. as if!!!
As for the married ones, you start calling/smsing a kunun² old flame and annoy them to their wits with your 'sad stories' and 'sad dreams'. C'mon la, you don't think they'd fall for that, right? Like Baizurah once commented, "Kadang² orang yang dah kawen yang lagi galak nak meng*****!"

There are still unknown remedies to this situation. A whack on the head maybe?

Hahah.. Ayu merepek ape ni? Nothing.. nothing! Saje nak isi blog for Sentot's satisfaction :-p
Lgpun I'm still in my 'Pissed-off' mood kot hahah..

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