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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Konvo 2006

On the 19th of August 2006 was the convocation for another bwudder of mine --> Juty!! Heheh..

Truth is, it had started on Wednesday itself (16th, if i'm not mistaken) with Yun graduating. It was kinda bitter sweet for me.. Sweet coz Yun finally graduated after 4 years (which she constantly reminds our juniors NOT to follow her footsteps hehe..) but bitter for me coz I WASN'T GRADUATING TOO!!!

Anyway, I DID go for Yun! She's my oldest friend here and I'm glad for her. She was all smiles and happy to finally officially leaving this place.. I was happy for her, but a bit sad knowing she won't be around anymore (waaaa.. ade tande² nak nangis ni.. stop²!)

Well, enough about the a-bit-sad-stuff!

Juty smsed me on Friday asking if I was going. I lied and said I didn't have the time to go (eventhough I had already bought his graduation gift). However, he sounded a tiny bit hurt so when I probed him further, I found out that his parents couldn't come. Alahaiiiiii, ciannye adikku yang seorang ini.. So I quickly told him I wouldn't miss it for the world, and gave my word that I'd go.

The next morning saw PFK cramped with 5 girls. Me, Dgon, Wamlah, Fawah and Huda (Kamal's sister) with Dgon and Wamlah taking pictures along the way. Luckily, parking the car wasn't a problem (though I DIDN'T really park at an actual parking space, thus the 'saman' from Alem hehe). After parking, we went to the flower stalls to find out what the prices were before heading to the flower stalls OUTSIDE USM, knowing that we might find cheaper ones.

Turned out, we were right (as usual.. everybody knows the outside ones are cheaper AND fresher AND lovelier) Met Mozac, Alem and Helmi there before being joined by Pojie and Lan and I went on and on about my frustration in not being able to graduate. Had a padan muke moment when Mozac commented, "Alaaaaa.. dah biase dah dengar kak Ayu cakap canni tiap² tahun, Dgon lain, baru first time cakap canni!", when I scolded him for wanting to ONLY buy bunge kesian for Dgon. Ampeh Mozac!!!

However, I DID get a bunge kesian from Wamlah to the 'horror' of the others haha.. A beautiful Lily.. cantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkk! Thanx Wamlah. You can view our pictures here. Puas hati ooo hahahaha.. <--Ayu sangat teruk!

Then we went for brunch (none of us had eaten yet!) of nasik ayam and halfway through, we realized the graduates had already exited the hall.

The first person I met was Fadzli and had a chance to take a picture with him (tak dapat tunaikan janji grad same².. uwaaaaa!!). Then we found Sha and heaped all our presents and flowers on her. I was glad to see her so happy as she was quite down last year when she couldn't graduate with her friends.

I finally got a chance to meet JUTY!!! He was standing alone waiting for us that I felt so.. so.. so ape ek? Hahah.. but he was happy.. naturally lah! We were later joined by the others and as usual, pictures were taken. I didn't recognize some of their friends but we all had one thing in common --> smiles of joy for the graduates!

Tried to wear Juty's robe which literally swept the floor. Alamak! Rugi tak amik gambo pakai jubah Juty yang labuh tu.. :) The picture above is of two graduates, my bwudder Juty and Lopong (yang baru dikenali ari tu.. comel pe hehe!)
P/S Sile abaikan kedudukan kaki setiap orang di dalam gambar tersebut ye.. :)

Anyway, I had to go home early as I had a class. All in all, it was a fun day for all of us.. Happy just to see other people happy.. and for Juty, Congrats dari akak ye!

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