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Monday, August 21, 2006

Comments to ignore!

I really wanted to write about the USM graduation on Saturday, but I've gotta wait for the pictures.

However, I've got one thing to write about, here, today! I was thinking of how dusty my blog seems like right now, but suddenly I remembered something that happened yesterday, that somehow coincides with a previous entry here.

Yesterday was Salam's kenduri at his house. At first, I wasn't planning to go as
  • I'm broke haha..
  • I didn't really wanna go alone!
  • Didn't know the way, actually!
  • I HAVE my reasons on why I'm not comfortable around these dear friends of mine when its the school holidays.. and because of recent things happening to me concerning other members of this group!
  • I was afraid of meeting someone!

But then, guilt flooded into me (ecehh.. ayat jiwang tak jadi haha..) when Salam kept asking what time we'd be arriving and all that. Then budak kecik (erkkk, Salam pun budak kecik gak.. konpius kang hehe..) told me that Dr Ismail had invited him to go, twice!

What the heck! Salam bukan nak kawen 2-3 kali pun :)

At first, I was plannig a quick dash there, then heading back to the campus. However, my dear friends who consist of Toroque, Yokies and kak Maria called so in the end, it was decided that we'd go together. I was a bit afraid that budak kecik would feel uncomfortable as we're ALL his seniors haha.. Sib baik hang sporting nooo, budak kecik!

We arrived as the kenduri was ending. But lucky us, at least the newly weds could entertain us. We looked through their wedding photos and commented on everything. The was the usual 'jom-bully-Salam' but it was toned down a bit. Bak kate Yokies, "Tak baik bully pengantin!"

Then, one of them (don't really remember who) commented to Salam, "Nasib baik hang kawen ngan orang yang kami kenai.. boleh la jugak nak bersembang² melawak²!"

I nodded in agreement right until kak Maria blurted out, "Haaaa, Ayu pun dengaq tu.. kan baguih klau ngan orang yang kami kenai, tak la susah nak berkenalan balik!"


And yes, I KNOW who they were refferring to!


Luckily, I was looking thorugh the albums so I forced some questions on budak kecik about the pictures, hoping it would look like I was so engrossed in the pictures, I didn't notice what they were talking about, though I could feel a few pair of eyes on me, like daggers hahah..

Lets just say, the next time 'someone' tries to talk me into 'something', he's gonna get a big piece of my mind!

But until then, lets just ignore them!

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