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Friday, August 11, 2006

My takut-naik-bas experience!

Okay.. this entry is for Jai and Baizurah who 'asked' about my experience on the bus haha..

Truth is, its been a while since I last used the express bus to go anywhere. The last time must've been when the engineering campus was still in Tronoh where I used this public transport at least once a month for a three-hour journey back to Penang.

Then, after the campus transferred to Transkerian, I only had to use the bus for an hour ride to Butterworth before taking the ferry to go to the island and having either Mama or Abah to pick me up.And THAT was before I had my beloved PFK! Once I had my PFK, I have NEVER used the bus for commuting, except one time when I was changing the timing belt of my car. I was a bit bored of waiting so I took the bus to go to Prangin.

So imagine how I felt when I had to take the bus to KL a few weeks ago! Haha, well, lets just say that after I got my car, I've nearly always drove anywhere. I've driven to nearly everywhere in Peninsular Malaysia, from Perlis to Johor and to the east coast of Malaysia (Kelantan and Terengganu) as well as to Pahang. BUT (a big BUT here), for Salam's kenduri a few weeks ago, I was not only a bit broke to drive alone to KL, but I was also a bit scared of the prospect of driving alone for nearly 400km, thus, the only solution was to take the bus.

But believe me, I was scared stiff just at the thought of it!!!

I've never taken a bus THAT far.. heck, I've never taken a bus all alone to KL too, which I consider an unfamiliar territory for me. For a whole month, my mind kept thinking of what is the worst scenario that could happen on a long bus ride haha.. much to the amusement of Yun and budak kecik (I assume laa..)

By the time I was supposed to go, I guess the whole post grad room knew of my fear so a lot of advices were given to me before boarding.
  • buy some travel sweets so you won't get sick
  • don't forget to wear the seatbelt (which was meant as a joke, but turned out, there WERE seatbelts in the bus haha)
  • don't ever sleep, or the bus might go someplace else
Waaaaa.. they're really taking advantage of my situation huh? Heheh.. Anyway, thankfully, I had Yun, who kept assuring me that nothing EVER goes wrong whenever she takes the bus, and budak kecik who promised to call me to make sure I had woken up at the time he assumed I had arrived at my destination. At least, terase sejuk hati when he told me if he didn't have the safety course, he'd have gotten on the bus with me too, to go back to his home, so I won't be THAT afraid. Hahah.. I didn't think I had looked THAT bad to the both of them!

Anyway, on THE DAY, I had asked Yun to send me. At first I wanted to ask Ramlah as I had initially thought of leaving my car with her. However, Yun's car was in the workshop so I left my car in her care. Budak kecik wanted to follow us to the bus station, much to my relief as it felt a bit better having more people I trust with me when I wanted to board the bus.

However, we waited for nearly an hour but my bus still hadn't arrived. I was a bit afraid as budak kecik had his Jumaat prayers and it was nearly time for Zohor then so I just asked them to leave me (boo-hoo!) Takuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut hahah..

Finally my bus arrived, and awkwardly I boarded the bus. Takut nye, Tuhan je yg tau.. I wanted to follow budak kecik's advice and go to sleep but at first, I was still afraid of not waking up on time haha.. However, as the journey progressed, I found myself dozing off..

I was woken up by my phone when budak kecik called to make sure I had arrived (when I was still somewhere in between). Thank you! At least I had enough rest before worrying again about what I'd do once I arrived hehe.. :)

Thankfully, I arrived in one piece (I can hear Yun say, "I told you so!") but I had to wait for kak Maria for nearly one hour as the traffic was already congested by the time I had arrived. We went to pick up Amad first before going back to kak Maria's house.. by this time, I had already calmed down, and was a bit confident about the bus ride home.. a bit je la..

But I'd like to thank my friends who smsed through the way to ensure I was comfortable hahah.. Erwan, Ramlah, Yun and budak kecik who also called again to make sure I had arrived.. thank you!!!!!!

Sadly, the experience left me traumatized and I was down with a fever until the next week. Kate Yokies, "Hang ni memang tak bleh naik bas la lain kali!"

I was glad when it was time to go home hehe.. still, I was afraid to go asleep, just in case I slept all the way to Penang and NOT Parit Buntar! Thank God its over.. at least I won't have to think about taking the bus anytime for the near future :)

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