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Monday, March 27, 2006

Not bad.. not bad at all!


Another day older, another year added to the age I'll fill in all the forms that have an 'age' entry! Like I told Jida when she wished me, "I feel antique and ancient.. wonder when the 'full of wisdom' part would start coming in".

Seriously, once, I thought I'd be a 'superwoman' by now and yet.. look at me..

*double sigh*
But hey, its not that I don't appreciate all those wishes you've guys given me.. a really huge THANKS to all of you who remembered! Hmm.. lets see.. There was Dr Dzul (claming he's the first one to wish me haha..), Dr Ina (yeay, got wishes from 2 medical doctor friends), Syafiq (comel la Naruto tu..), Tomok (Yunizam), Neidi, Ramlah, Yun (tq for the card and gift), Liana, Adi (who also called as well as smsed), Izati, Mama, Ikram, kak Sue, Paijah, kak Wahid, Pojie (tq for the movie and card), Alem (thanx for the cuddly tiger thats sitting on top of my pc now.. ari tu diorg lekatkan tiger tu bagi terbalik kat screen pc.. cian die..), Awa, kak Kathy n Shidi, Aida, Jida, Toroque (thanx for the card), Alem, Lili, Juty (thanx for the Kit Kat haha..), Lie (mekaceh banjer akak McD.. lame dah tak makan oooo), Salimin, Falha, Dgon (miss you four!), Salam (mekaceh la call saya!) and Lini (thanx for the card from both of you though Salam tak sign punnnnn), Bukhorie, Helmi (mekaceh call, sowi ah kene marah, akak ingat abang sedare akak :">), Abg Sher (my irritating yet very close abang sedare who kept sending annoying voice sms with him singing 'Happy Birthday' in different versions) Azrul, Raqib (thanx for the email!), As, Ilah, Misa, Ami, Awa, Bart..

Remy (yang baru wish tadi hehe..) . Not to forget Cik Wa who had wished me on January (on my mum's birthday haha..) then two weeks ago wished me a 'Happy Belated Birthday' plak.. Cik wa.. Cik Wa.. Husnul (wish pagi tadi gakk!), kak Wan (late wish due to not being in the country lah tu), Sheila Rita (who still calls me 'kak' though she's older than me by a few weeks). Then there's Yokies and kak Maria who (regretfully.. not me la, THEY should regret it haha..) gave me a two-days-late wish, my cousin Nyah Zai (btw, 'Nyah' means middle child, ok!) And hey, nearly forgot another Dr.. Dr As, my friend in lower secondary..

Kak Shima, kak Zai, kak Zura and kak Yun also forgot my birthday, but thanx for the overdue wish anyway.. sedihnye hatiku bile memikirkan bahawa dirku dilupakan haha.. Tq belanja makan ye, kak Zura and to kak Shima, your teddy bear is right here in the post graduate room with me :-)

Err.. now I'm forgetting who else I should thank here! (ape ni Ayu.. baru 26, mana leh nyanyuk lagi..!) Lupe pulak, to Pojie and Wamlah, thank you!!!!!!!!! :-) When I wear it, I'll tell you guys.. Haa.. and Yuhyi gak, tq for the card yang dah tak boleh nak bukak dah ari ni hehe.. Hmm, sape lagi eh? Lemme check.. well, at least the names of the people who remembered WHO ALSO read my blog are here.. err, I hope so lah! To the countless, nameless people out there who also remembered, thank you..

And lastly, here are some comic strips I found, with regard to my birthday as a post-graduate.. Haha.. enjoy!

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