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Friday, March 10, 2006


This morning I decided to skip going to the school and go pay up ALL the bills as well as change my tyres (which I should've done last month).

After deciding on what to wear, I went straight to the PBA in Jawi to pay the water bill then headed to the kedai tayar in Nibong Tebal to have my 'exhausted' tyres changed.. miskin la sekejap! I wanted to go pay the electricity bill at Kedai Tenaga in Bandar Baharu but forgot that today is Friday and Bandar Baharu is a Kedah district, so I was greeted with the sign 'TUTUP'.. oh well! After that, I went to pay my telephone bill at Maxis Parit Buntar while trying to glimpse into Maybank.. kot² teller handsome tu ada haha.. I was going to Takaful to pay next months installment of my insurance when my tummy grumbled so off I went to buy some koay teow (yummy) for breakfast before going to Takaful.

Now, I've just paid my car insurance last month and the person at the counter (who called me 'adik' though I think she must be younger than me.. or at least we're the same age!) suprised me when she asked me the address to send the policy. You see, my car is still in Abah's name so she thought it was better to send to policy to me instead of Abah. When I agreed, she instantly asked me, "Macammana nak eja Nurikhwani?" and smiled when my face revealed how suprised I was. As I recall, I didn't really leave my name around, did I? Aik, dia tau nama saya ek? Hehe..

So as I entered their office just now, she was at the counter doing the insurance of some other person. When she saw me, she smiled and asked me to sit down first. Since the newspaper caught my eye as I sat, I went through todays news while waiting.

Suddenly, I heard a distant voice calling, "Idayu.. Idayu.. boleh bayar sekarang" Thinking that she was calling to her colleague or something, I was starting to ignore it until I realized the 'boleh bayar sekarang' part. Looking up, I saw her beckoning to me and embarassed, I quickly went up to the counter to pay.

Throughout the whole time, I was feeling a bit ashamed as I never really learnt the names of the people around me. Tak kisah la kalau I only meet them once a month ke (like this lady) but if she could take the trouble trying to remember my name, why shouldn't I do it too? Malunya, Tuhan je yang tau.. still, I couldn't bring myself to ask her name.. teruk punya Ayu!

Anyway, as I went down the stairs, I suddenly giggled to myself.. IDAYU!!! Hehe, perempuan nye name tu rase.. Ye la, I AM a girl but throughtout my life, tak pernah orang panggil Idayu though that name IS part of my real name. IDAYU?!?! Hahahahahahaah..

Still, note to self: Lain kali, learn that girl's name!!!

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