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Friday, July 15, 2005

My Wisdom Tooth

Yesterday, I went out with kak Shima, kak Kathy and Kak Zura for buka puasa. Hehe, but I wasn't really fasting, time of the month maaa.. We wanted to try out the Nilam Cafe which we have never even stepped into eversince it had opened a few months ago but we never had the chance. The deco was lovely, such nice settings if you want a quiet meal descreetly.

Anyway, we ordered our food and, boy was I thirsty. However, I had to supress my desire to take a big gulp from my pineapple juice to respect those who were fasting. By the time we heard azan from the nearby masjid, I had already finished half of the glass.

After eating, I noticed this irritating piece of meat stuck in my mouth, right at the very back of it. I tried to get it unstuck by using my tongue but with no avail. I didn't want to stick my finger into my mouth in front of everyone but it was irritating me more and more. Finally, after trying to refrain myself from doing it in public, once in the car, I took out a tissue and tried to pry the piece of meat from my teeth. Imagine my suprise when the tissue tore as it snagged on something sharp. A bit afraid that a splinter of a bone might be stuck to, I decided to wait until I got home to check it out.

Once at home, I rushed into the toilet. I was dumbstruck to find out that the crown of my first wisdom tooth was visible.

I know its not a big deal, but I have so long ago given up hope of having wisdom teeth. I mean, I'm 25 with no sign of wisdom teeth when my brothers who are younger than me, ALL have their complete set of teeth. I read somewhere that some people never get their wisdom teeth so I never looked out for it after that anyway. Besides, after watching one by one of my previous housemates/roomates and friends 'tortured' over these so called 'wisdom' teeth (wonder why they're called wisdom tooth anyway?), I mean with all the fever plus the pain of having sharp teeth pushing their way through your soft gums, it didn't really appeal to me to have them. They're at the back of you mouth, for God's sake!

Another reason I was glad that I might not have wisdom teeth is because, some old wives tales say that once the first of this set emerges at the back of your mouth, you'll never grow taller. Now, being a dwarf at 150cm, I still dream of growing taller (Haha.. fat chance!!) so the sudden appearance of this tooth has already dashed all my hopes of growing taller hahah..

I can just imagine Adi saying,"Haha! Kak Yong dah tumbuh gigi bongsu! Kakak aku tak boleh tinggi dah.. dah la pendek, pendek la seumur hidup".

Somehow, I DO wonder, how come I'm not all feverish like almost everyone I know! I mean, I'm sure the lot of you have also experienced the 'Wisdom Tooth Fever' like everyone else, right? Thats why I never realized the arrival of this tooth, I guess! Well, hope it really does bring 'WISDOM' to to the scatterbrain me hehe..

Looks like I'm finally in league with everyone else now, eh!

Hail Ayu's wisdom tooth :-)

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