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Friday, July 29, 2005

I am pissed off..


I am soooooooooo MAD!!!




Yesterday, when buka puasa, kak Shima and kak Zura were talking about how they hate waiting for people. Kak Zura had just lost her patience with Dr Azmin for his late submission of some work he was supposed to do, causing this supplier or someone to wait for him 2 hours! I agree with her argument though. She questioned why she should wait for someone else who is selfish enough to do their personal things in their own sweet time without caring wether they are wasting other peoples time.

Kak Shima also struck a chord when she exclaimed, "Kalau orang tak hormat masa aku, kenapa pulak aku kena hormat masa diorang?"

So here I am, fuming over certain people who don't respect my time!

I'm so mad here! I mean, I, myself, try to accomodate to their whines and all. Whenever I know I'm borrowing their time, I try to get along with their schedule BUT why is it that when they are 'tumpang' ing my time, they can't do the same?

I mean, helllllooooo.. Before this, its not as if I didn't tell them about the plan (Okay.. okay.. though my desk might not be so organized, whenever doing things, I prefer to plan first, and stick to the plan.. my plan almost always includes the time span of what we planned to do and I usually tell them about it!). If its just about 'going to the cinema', I don't mind NOT having a plan but when I need to do other things before 'melagho', I ALWAYS tell them what I'm planning to do before we finally go watching the movie. Then I leave it up to them to chose whether they wanna follow me or not. C'mon, its not as if I don't give them choices!

But hey.. whats this? Suddenly asking me, more like forcing me, to take them somewhere else first that is outta the way and I'm like, "Huh?"

I hate it when people interfere with my plan, especially when they wanna do their personal business ON MY TIME! I don't mind them having fun, I mean, I asked them in the first place, anyway. Besides, I also wanna relax and laugh too, but pleeeaaaassseeee, respect my time! I've already told you, what I'm supposed to do before the 'having fun' part so please oh please, don't do this to me!

I especially hate it when they start giving me 'ayat²' that makes me feel so bad. As if I'm too 'kedekut' for them, like I'm going to 'ungkit' for the petrol and toll. Hoiiii, have I ever done that? If I plan to do that, why should I ask you in the first place? Besides, this is me being cruelly honest here, I don't think I'm the one who keeps saying that I'm wasting petrol when I take everyone else in my car.. duh? Sapa yang suka sangat ngungkit tu.. I know its not me!

Then when they succeed in making me feel guilty, I'll promise to make the unneccesary trip that sadly, sometime makes my plan haywire or destroyed completely (THEN I'd have to GO AGAIN just to finish MY business pulak).. and though I'd be smiling ("Takpe.. takpee.."), I'd be fuming inside, vowing NOT to ask them again! But then, after a few weeks, I'd go back to doing the same thing again!

I guess I'm mad because the only times our roles are reversed, I HAVE to follow their plan. I don't really mind, since I'm the passenger at this time BUT it sure makes me mad when they do this to me. PLUS when I have to hear them complaining about the petrol and all.. huh? I thought you guys were the one who volunteered to drive in the first place, and its not as if we don't pool for the petrol and toll when its your turn (and mind you, when its our turn, WE DON'T bising to others to pay too! WE, on the other hand, don't mind much about petrol or toll!)so you DON'T have to talk as if we're a bunch of ungrateful, penny-pinching brats!

Darn! I hate feeling this way.. makes me feel sooooo bad!

Its not always like this. Not everyone is like this. I especially like going out with my colleagues (Paijah, Nomi, Wamlah) on Fridays after 'gaji' hehe.. THEY are not like THAT! Even my juniors, especially the ones graduating this August, are fun to hang out with. Their main concern is having fun, NOT berkire!!! But there are certain people THAT just love to test your patience.. and I mean PEOPLE bukan one person! These people sometime make me cringe when they start talking about going out together, I mean, coz it almost always ends up with these unpleasant feeling... waaaaa, I really hate feeling this way!

Well, patience IS a virtue, anyway so we'd just have to sit down, listen and smile as if we're not offended. So people, keep your fingers crossed so that I won't EXPLODE in the near future :-)

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