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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Harry Potter fever!!!

Yup.. announcing proudly (especially to Baizurah)

I have finished reading "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince"

Hehe.. I'm now officially one of those who have completed the task of reading the book, that sadly is not as thick as Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.. and no Baizurah, don't pester me for my review of this book yet at our blog coz I'm still.. well, still reeling from the unsatisfied feeling I've been feeling since I turned the last pages of the book

Ok.. ok.. as an avid fan of this series, I know I shouldn't say that. I can just imagine all the other fans out there staring at me in shock for what I've said but hey, this IS a free WORLD! Beside, I know a few people who share the same view as me but then, THAT is the entry for the Caterpillarbuku Club, not here.. right? Will do it in a few days kot, Sentot.. till then, you can start yours too.. :)

Anyway, I've been waiting for this book for so long.. I even came up with the idea to give this book to kak Shima for her birthday when me and kak Kathy were stumped on what we should buy for her. Hey, kak Shima is a fan too so when I went to 'book' my book, I also 'booked' one for her too.. so glad she was ecstatic about it.

We were excited when we heard about the Harry Potter party held at Prangin Mall, but the day before, I got confused about the party so, sadly, me and kak Shima missed it.

On THE day, I woke up early, and couldn't go back to sleep. The anticipated day has finally come! By 8.30, me and kak Shima were so jumpy, we HAD to get out of the house. Blabbering non-stop about Harry Potter, we were truly driving each other crazy haha..

We had our breakfast at McD Juru, still jumpy and couldn't sit still. Just as I was sitting down, I got this phone call from Baizurah, GLOATING over her copy of the book which she picked up at 7.07am that morning. Haha.. had to endure all that and I was sooooooooo jelous of her when she told me that they had given out Harry Potter gifts (wands, hats, candles bla.. blaa..) Ok.. ok, Baizurah, you won!! But still, I finished reading it first hahahah..

After finishing our breakfast (without the slightest idea what we were eating), we headed to Megamall Pinang. Upon arriving, we quickly realized that not many people were picking up their books then. Surely they were having a blast at the Harry Potter party.. nyesal²! Me and kak Shima buat muka 'welfare' in front of Popular until the sales people were smiling in amusement.

While waiting, this apek came to and asked me what time would Popular be opening. Quite suprised that someone 'older' was there, I asked him what brought him to Popular so early in the morning. He seemed embarresed when he confessed that he was coming to pick up a copy of Harry Potter for his nephew. Awwww.. so sweet! I mean, sanggup datang awal for his anak sedara punya sake.. how touching is that?

By the time Popular was ready to open, a group of people have already assembled in front of the store. However, yours truly was the very FIRST one to get the book. When I think about it, malu pun ade, tak sabo sangat hehe.. but during that time, it WAS important for me to get the book as soon as possible. Popular even took my picture as the first recipient of the book for this store hahaha..

After safely receiving our books (I went to get kak Shima's copy too.. she was sooo happy!), we browsed the store, looking for other books. I wanted to buy a book for Pojie's birthday that Monday while kak Shima wanted to find Angels and Demons for her brother, Yazid. The next time I got in line to pay for the new book, a long line was at the counter with people mostly there to get their Harry Potter copy.

On the way home, kak Shima was teasing me by trying to read her book. It seems like everyone wants to be the first to complete the book. We had lunch at kak Tuty's so we didn't get the chance to read the book yet but after that, kak Shima got the headstart since I had tuition that afternoon.. shucks!! Kak Shima even had the cheeks to send me an sms about what was happening in the book while I was teaching, double shucks!!

Throughout classes, I sneakily read bits of the book while waiting for my students to finish their work.. oooo, how the day seemed sooo long! I only managed to really sit down and read that night and by then, kak Shima was on the 200 over page.

We spent the next day, trying to outdo each other hehe.. had to stop a while (nearly 4 hours, mind you!) when we went to Abg Zahir and kak Sri's house for Laksa Johor lessons.. yummy! At least we learnt something.. :-p

Back home, the both of us took our positions in the living room and continued our book. When my eyes got tired, I sent an sms to Baizurah(whom obviously was also not wasting her time to do anything else than read the book), joking that Dumbledore was dead. Little did I know, the joke turned out to be true.. Managed to surpass kak Shima by then hehe..

When I came to the part of Dumbledore's death, I couldn't help but give out a cry and talk about it, much to the annoyance of kak Shima who hasn't got to that part yet.. Hehe, Ayu sangat jahat nak balas dendam to all who made her jelous the day before hahahaha (gelak jahat!)

When I finally finished the book, the whole house must've known haha.. though, still, I DO feel a bit disappointed.. tsk.. but then again, alls fair in love and war! Hmmm.. ape kena mengenanyer entah!!!

So now begins the wait for the supposedly final book of the series, though, I've heard other rumours that makes me understand WHY this book disappoints many. Well, we'll just wait and see, huh!


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